100+ Top Pizza Captions for Social Media Post – Instagram

Pizza is one of the world's most popular foods, and for good reason! It's affordable, delicious, and there's something for everyone.

And it's not just in pizza joints. It's also popular on Instagram!

Did you know that the hashtag #pizza has been used in over 40 million posts? For example, #sushi has under 25 million, #burger has less than 15 million, and #tacos has under than 8 million.

Pizza is certainly one of the most famous foods on Instagram. It pictures well and can be made in a variety of ways.  But don't rely just on beauty shots or slow-mo cheese pulls to draw attention to your Instagram postings. You need a catchy caption to go with that gooey delight.

It can get tedious trying to think of something clever to say for every post. Here are 123 pizza captions for Instagram, all about the perfect pie.

Short Instagram Captions About Pizza

  1. Pizza perfection.
  2. You had me at pizza.
  3. It’s pizza o’clock.
  4. Keep calm and eat pizza.
  5. A little slice of heaven.
  6. In pizza we crust.
  7. Pizza my heart.
  8. With a slice in hand, life is better.
  9. Love at first bite.
  10. Pizza is the real MVP of food.
  11. Each hand holds a slice of a balanced diet.
  12. When life gives you pizza, eat it all!
  13. Cheesy goodness.
  14. Pizza love never ends.
  15. Pizza – because adulting is hard.
  16. Piece, love, and pizza.
  17. Pizza makes everything better.

One-line Captions About Pizza

  1. Travel isn't about self-discovery; it's about discovering pizza.
  2. Pizza, the ultimate comfort food.
  3. Don’t buy me flowers, buy me pizza!
  4. People disappoint, pizza never does.
  5. Pizza is the only answer, no matter what the question is.
  6. Pizza: the circle of life.
  7. Love without a kiss is akin to pizza without cheese.
  8. Pizza is always the answer. Who cares what the question is?
  9. Pizza is the circle of life – dough, cheese, toppings, repeat.
  10. I followed my heart, and it drove me to pizza.
  11. Pizza is my favorite four-letter word.
  12. The only bad pizza is the one you didn't eat.
  13. Pizza, because it's always a good idea.

The Funniest Pizza Captions for Instagram

  1. If you are what you eat, then I am absolutely pizza!
  2. My life motto: Eat, sleep, eat pizza, repeat.
  3. Unless they deliver pizza, no one is worth waiting for.
  4. Except for pizza, no one is perfect.
  5. A pizza is always worth a thousand words.
  6. If pizza can't be fixed, it's a serious problem.
  7. Problems fade, but pizza endures.
  8. Why did the pizza maker go broke? He just couldn't make enough dough!
  9. Every pizza I've met has been a winner.
  10. I'm a 'slice' of life kind of person
  11. When life hands you lemons, throw them back and order pizza
  12. Pizza: the only circle of trust you should never doubt.
  13. Pizza doesn't judge; it just gets devoured.
  14. Pizza is like a high-five for your taste buds.
  15. Pizza is my favorite notification: 'Your order has been delivered.

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Short Pizza Captions for Instagram

  1. Less drama, more pizza.
  2. Pizza obsessed.
  3. Keep calm and eat pizza.
  4. Pizza is always a good idea.
  5. Happiness is a slice of pizza.
  6. Do good. Be nice. Order pizza.
  7. There’s always room for pizza.
  8. A slice of heaven.
  9. Pizza is the circle of life.
  10. Pizza o’clock.
  11. Little slice of heaven.
  12. There’s always time to eat pizza.
  13. I support the pizza party.
  14. Life happens, pizza helps.
  15. Pizza – cheaper than therapy.
  16. Pizza + friends = perfect blend.
  17. Make pizza, not war.
  18. Pizza party.
  19. Too much pizza? No such thing.
  20. Pizza time.
  21. Slices a day keep the blues away.
  22. When in doubt, order pizza.
  23. Pizza vibes.
  24. Pizza = life.
  25. Favorite food.
  26. A pizza day is never a bad day.
  27. Deliciously cheesy

Cheese Captions for Your Melting Pizza

  1. Melting cheese, melting hearts.
  2. It's too short to say no to extra cheese.
  3. In cheese we trust.
  4. Whenever life gets tough, just add more cheese.
  5. Beneath this cheese lies a world of happiness.
  6. Cheese, the real superhero of pizza.
  7. Love at first bite of melted cheese.
  8. Say cheese and smile for the pizza.
  9. Cheese is the thread that weaves my pizza dreams.
  10. There's no 'we' in cheese, but there is 'me.'
  11. I believe in love at first cheese pull.
  12. Cheesy goodness, take the wheel.
  13. In a world full of toppings, I choose cheese.
  14. Life is better when your pizza is covered in melty cheese.
  15. Cheese is the unsung hero of every pizza.
  16. Cheese is my one true love, and pizza is the vessel.
  17. Cheese on my mind, cheese in my heart, cheese on my pizza.
  18. Life's better when it's cheesy

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Homemade Pizza Captions For Instagram

  1. If you were pizza, I'd love you.
  2. It's not about the problems, it's about the pizza.
  3. The best pizzas are those eat en with friends.
  4. I eat pizza after exercising. Just kidding, I don't exercise.
  5. I've never melted a pizza like you.
  6. Don't listen to those who tell you that you can't eat a whole pizza; you don't need that type of negativity in your life.
  7. Yes, I will marry you, pizza.
  8. When life gives you ingredients, make homemade pizza.
  9. I knead to share my homemade pizza masterpiece with you!
  10. Not a chef, just a pizza artist at work.
  11. Home-cooked comfort, one slice at a time.
  12. When you can't dine out, dine in with homemade pizza.
  13. Homemade happiness served one slice at a time.

Pizza Puns

  1. I've got a special pizza in my heart for you.
  2. You've stolen a pizza, my heart.
  3. I knead more pizza in my life.
  4. Let's get this dough on the road.
  5. You're grate, just like pizza.
  6. Life's a slice; enjoy every bite.
  7. Stop being so saucy, pizza!
  8. What did one pizza slice say to the other? 'You've stolen a pizza my heart!'
  9. My love for pizza is deep-dish.
  10. Pizza is my favorite kind of pi.
  11. I never sausage a beautiful pizza.
  12. Pizza is a work of art; I'm just trying to eat it.
  13. I'm a pizza enthusiast; I'm on a roll.
  14. Cheesy jokes are my favorite, just like my pizza.
  15. I may be doughy, but I'm a real softie for pizza.
  16. Pizza is never too far out of my crust reach.
  17. Pizza is the only circle of trust you should have.
  18. Pizza: It's not delivery; it's destiny.
  19. What's a pizza maker's favorite song? 'Slice, Slice, Baby!'
  20. Why did the pizza go to the doctor? Because it felt a little cheesy.

A Final Word on Our Tasty Pizza Captions

If you're looking to spice up your pizza-related content, our funny and spicy pizza captions, quotes, and puns are just what you need. With options to suit all tastes, our witty one-liners and clever wordplay will delight your audience and leave them craving more.

Why settle for bland captions when we have crusty quips to spice things up? Put them on your social media posts and watch the likes and shares roll in!