13 Examples Of Inspiring Restaurant Websites

13 Examples Of Inspiring Restaurant Websites

Every inspiring restaurant website has one common feature: Ease of use – to find what one needs on such websites is simply a piece of cake.

Ease of use is a crucial factor for any restaurant website to be loved and used extensively by customers. This is because 77% of diners have stated that they visit a restaurant’s website before deciding to dine in or place online food orders. Also, of this 77%, 70% have been dissuaded from visiting a restaurant or making an order primarily because of a poor website.

This makes it clear that to build a professionally designed, functional restaurant website plays a key role in getting customers to the dining table or encouraging them to order online. This said, achieving a great restaurant website design is more challenging than you think.

This blog will provide you with samples of some of the best restaurant websites that have stunned customers, promoted the brand and increased sales. 

Effective Tips for Achieving Great Restaurant Website Design

Apart from the above mentioned crucial elements that must be an essential part of any restaurant website, the following buttons must also be included for achieving a stunning restaurant website design.

Restaurant Outlets:

This is similar to the store locator icon provided on websites of retail brands. If the restaurant has more than one outlet, the details of every restaurant must be distinctly provided on the website. This includes contact information, outlet’s timings, address and the Google Map location too. This will help customers know which is the outlet nearest to them and choose an ideal outlet for dining in or placing online orders.

Social Media Buttons:

Having visible social media icons on the restaurant website will encourage visitors to engage with the brand in several and better ways. Catchy slogans, images and short videos can attract attention on social media and increase customer engagement. A commendable social media presence will increase the restaurant’s credibility as it allows direct customer interaction.

Feedback Button:

Since the restaurant industry is all about service and hospitality, customers must be provided a space to register their feedback or complaints. Knowing customer experience and feedback enables a restaurant to reach the pinnacle of success in a quick and easy manner. When customers are valued and their feedback incorporated, their interaction with the brand increases. They not only patronize it, but also engage in positive advocacy.

13 Inspiring Examples of Restaurant Websites

1. El Burro:

The website of this Mexican street food restaurant in Oslo is extremely bright and bold. It uses a simple formatting complemented by a simple scroll down navigation. Bright colors like pink, oranges and green highlight the color tone of the food served by the fast food outlet and makes it stand out. El Burro has, undoubtedly, chosen the perfect color palette which has matched the vibe and also made the site appealing.

2. Hiden:

This is a small, upscale counter behind a taco stand in Miami, Florida. It serves an elevated omakase menu along with sake and wine. Its website is all about secrecy. But, the design helps achieve the perfect balance between mystery and practicality. While Hiden’s address is kept under wraps (to increase curiosity), the visitor can browse through the online menu and make table reservations with ease.

3. Old Lady Gang:

Situated in Atlanta, GA, this is a buzzy spot for food classics. The Old Lady Gang serves an ‘All-Sunday-long Brunch’ that has been highlighted on the website. They have put the reservations form right at the center of their homepage allowing guests to know the available slots themselves. This saves guests from the frustration of trying to communicate with the host, amidst the din of the restaurant.

4. Simmons Bar:

This website is a classic example of reflecting the brand in the right way and staying true to it. The website of Simmons Bar is equally fun-filled and colorful. The pull down menu shows how crazy the brand is. Their out of the box thinking has been received well by customers.

5. Drury Buildings:

This Dublin restaurant in Ireland combines modern hospitality with diverse foodies, bartenders and creatives. The website is an excellent combination of food images and interesting buildings. While the layout is asymmetrical, the color-toned images contribute towards creating a feeling of Drury buildings being a creative place.

6. The Lobster Shack:

This lobster and fried seafood spot is perched above the rocks giving the guests a view of the majestic lighthouse and magnificent ocean. The homepage of this famous restaurant in Maine features a slideshow of enticing images showcasing the lobsters and fresh-made food served to the guests along with the glimpse of the interiors. YouTube videos have also been embedded on the restaurant’s homepage. With the restaurant being featured in various food blogging channels, it instantly creates a positive impression.

7. Crudo:

This takeout restaurant situated in the Netherlands has proven how good application of colors can promote vegan food in diverse and stunning ways. The website of Crudo uses monolithic warm backgrounds to showcase veggie delicacies on the first screen. Later, the color shifts to navy blue for lettuce. The various sections of this website have been presented as screen-changing backgrounds of popular vegan dishes. This website entices every visitor with its lightness, freshness and its message of following a healthy diet

8. Quince:

The website of this restaurant in San Francisco is a great inspiration for restaurateurs who wish to own a website that is envied by all. Quince is an upscale destination serving seasonal, locally-sourced food and wines. The main page of Quince is minimalist offering easy and quick access to the menus, private dining booking, an about us section and table reservation options. Visitors can simply click on the ‘Welcome’ button to procure all the necessary information including Google Map location, working hours and testimonials. All the pages have been carefully filled with full-width vibrant images of the food served as well as the restaurant’s interiors.

9. Maxbrenner:

This chocolate-themed restaurant operates in New York City and Philadelphia. The website uses the perfect color palette, font and navigation system to enhance sales and build the brand identity around the core ingredient – chocolate.

10. Miss Lily’s Web Restaurant:

The website of this Miss Lily’s restaurant serving Caribbean spices and other traditional recipes in New York City, Dubai and Negril uses quirky artwork and bright colors to create a true Caribbean experience for every web visitor.

11. Aska:

This two-star Michelin restaurant serves new Nordic cuisine in Brooklyn, New York. Since the work Asks means Ash in Swedish, black is the primary color that has been used throughout the elegant and well-designed website.

12. Sim Sim Falafel:

This is a falafel shop in Munich that serves three dishes (all mainly vegetarian) – falafel, hummus tahini and baba ganoush. The colorful and fun website has an eye-catching animation and an enticing menu section that drives organic traffic and boosts sales.

13. Quay:

The website of Quay in Sydney is renowned for its stunning structure and impeccable graphic art. Quay uses the aspect of ‘rarity’ all over its website unlike other restaurants.

Start Designing Your Restaurant Website

After having a look at these 13 restaurant website designs, you must now be inspired enough to build one for your own brand. While using the website as a medium to portray the brand to the world, always keep in mind your restaurant’s cuisine, ambiance and what your customers know well about your brand.

If you are still looking for some compelling online ordering statistics before making the final decision about building a pleasing and easy-to-use restaurant website, here they go:

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