15 Amazing Restaurant Website Design Examples

With awareness about good functional websites on a constant increase, it has become evident that a positive user experience is fundamental for harnessing the benefits of a restaurant website. While never losing sight of the end goal, that is revenue and profits, restaurants must strive to achieve the best website by utilizing top-notch photography and a layout design that entices. Including videography alongside photographs is also essential. Images or videos showcasing the bustling dining area, food getting prepared in the oven, or the perfectly created restaurant ambiance can increase the authenticity and reach of the website multifold. Having a basic knowledge of color psychology is also useful. For example, red and yellow are brilliant as appetite stimulants. While on a restaurant website, users need to have quick access to table reservations, the menu, working hours, location, and directions.

We, therefore, bring to you a compilation of restaurant website designs that are world-class and also inspiring for other restaurateurs.

1. KFC:

If we do not start with KFC, we are probably doing injustice to the millions of KFC followers on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Of course, not to mention – the thousands of employees who work for KFC lending their heart and soul to every fried chicken variety served. Reaping an annual revenue of more than 2,200 million, the website of KFC reflects the colors of the brand in abundance. The red, white, and black strike you unconsciously making you fall in love with the brand, remember it, and recall it first whenever you wish to eat anything that is finger-licking good.

Dominos Pizza, with a huge patron base of 21 million on Facebook and another 200 thousand on LinkedIn makes its website as mouth-watering as its pizzas. Images of their best-sellers are posted along with online facilities for visitors to make instant orders. Every variety of food served by them is mentioned on individual links right at the top. People craving recipes from Domino’s can access the links that they want to, keep selecting menu items of their choice, add them to the cart instantly and make payments too. So, there is literally nothing that this website fails to do.

This Italian restaurant website’s landing page presents to you high-quality videos of piping hot, cheesy Italian food that will make you drool and hit the order button in a millisecond. Even while scrolling down, the tab on the top containing the elements – Menu, Order Now, Join Waitlist, Find Restaurant, and Login icons remain put. Olive Garden’s website uses a lot of green to lay emphasis on the fresh organic food that it serves. The comfort that their food lends is equally offered through their visual elements too. No wonder their annual revenue runs into 4,200 million dollars with 6 million followers on Facebook and 40,000 on LinkedIn.

The world’s craze for McDonald’s is imminent from the fact that the brand has 81 million followers on FB and more than 1 million followers on LinkedIn. With annual revenue of 19,618 million, we can imagine the importance that the brand will lend to its online presence. With a blast of vibrant colors, the website allows visitors to order via their app or the website itself. With a predominance of white and orange throughout their website, McDonald’s makes their website extremely easy to navigate and execute actions. They have kept their website very brief, yet informative by highlighting the recent and most-wanted inclusions in their drool-worthy menu.

With an outright vibrant menu filled with an energizing red and white and a tab that highlights their recent offers, the website of Pizza Hut is one that everyone would love to visit, stay on and also use repeatedly to fulfill their pizza cravings. Apart from their delivery and takeaway options, they also highlight the fact that contactless delivery is available. The website of Pizza Hut is minimalistic and clutter-free, thus, enhancing the look of the fast-food supply chain of outlets. With 32 million followers on Facebook and another 202 thousand on LinkedIn, Pizza Hut is a brand that people hold close to their hearts.

This king reigns over the world. Yes, we are talking about Burger King. Their annual revenue is an amazing 10,220 million. They also have millions of patrons on social media platforms – 8 million on Facebook and 343 thousand on LinkedIn. If we say that people visit Burger King or their website just for burgers, it is an understatement. People love everything about BK – their bacon, sides, sweets, and all other versions of their burger (flame-grilled, King Jr., Family Bundles, etc.). If you are ready for a burger binge, it is Burger King’s website that you must head to.

Taco Bell clearly propagates tacos, burritos, quesadilla, meals, specialties, and their signature dishes on the landing page. Even as you scroll down the page, the icons of their food, location finder, nutrition, about us, etc. stay put on the left side of the page. This always prompts the visitor to initiate an action that is both informative and rewarding for the restaurant. Eye-catchy photographs of the menu under specific categories guide visitors to make apt choices. Taco Bell earns 2000 million every year. It has 9 million followers on Facebook and also 122 thousand on LinkedIn.

With a lot of yellow and black used throughout the website, the design maintains consistency with the brand. Close-up shots of Waffle House’s signature dishes with a special focus on their Angus Beef make people engross themselves in the variety and yearn to grab a bite. Waffle House is a commendable brand with 724 thousand followers on Facebook and another 33 thousand on LinkedIn. With a yearly turnover of 20 million, Waffle House does not fail to impress us through its online presence too.

The website of Wendy’s Company does not fail to spice it up when it comes to handling the elements of its website layout design. Laying emphasis on their pickup and delivery services, they also highlight their beef menu and the limited period discount offers that people would wait to try out in Wendy’s. They have a sea of followers on Facebook (almost 8 million) where they promote their website and their special offers. With annual revenue of 1,789 million, foodies must make a visit of their site.

10. Chili's:

If you are hungry not just for food, but also a completely user-friendly website to order food from, then you must get to the website of the world-renowned brand – Chili’s. With their aggressive promotion of My Chili’s Rewards program and their hiring spree, you can find it being placed at important places on the website so that it does not escape the visitor’s eye at all. With nearly 4 million followers on Facebook and also a proud number of followers on LinkedIn (61 thousand), Chili’s earns annual revenue of 2,731 million – a brand that is as hot as its name.

With simple images of their breakfast menu, this month’s Pancake Spotlight Stack, and the newly introduced family packs, the website of Denny’s is as aesthetically pleasing as their food. With employment opportunities available and the hiring process in progress, visitors can find that being highlighted for visitors to notice. Everyone would love to join a family that is already 1.2 million strong on Facebook with annual revenue of 272 million. Always keep a watch on their updated website to know of their latest enticing offers and introductions.

The moment you log into the website of Outback Steakhouse, you will be requested to sign up to enjoy the benefits of their offers and rewards. By signing up, you not only get to know information about the seasonal offerings but also get access to exclusive events and other exciting rewards. By becoming a Dine Rewards Member of Outback Steakhouse, you also receive a jaw-dropping 50% discount on every 4th visit that you make to the restaurant. Their creative culinary inventions and attractive offers make a visit to the website of Outback fun-filled and rewarding too. No wonder their annual revenue is 2,000 million with 3 million followers on Facebook and 48 thousand on LinkedIn.

13. Subway:

If not for their sub, what else can the website of Subway highlight? As soon as we land on their page, we encounter their fresh, long subs and sandwiches too. The pictures of their stunning choices of sub-fillings will make anyone hungry and head straight to the order button. Information has been arranged in separate rectangular strips which are arranged in an orderly fashion so that it does not look cluttered. The website uses a lot of green to highlight the fact that they bake their bread everyday and use fresh ingredients for a heavenly taste. Subway’s annual revenue is 10,200 million. Nearly 23 million Subway patronizers can be found on Facebook and another 219 thousand on LinkedIn.

14. Arby's:

Simply by scrolling down the website of Arby’s one can understand that their menu is based on beef, chicken, and pork. The website focuses on its extensive menu complemented by aerated drinks. With red, black, and white dominating the website like any other burger outlet, people can easily locate the recipe that they wish to order. Every element of the website is neatly arranged and communicative. Online food ordering and making secure payments is a child’s play on Arby’s making it a very effective platform for revenue generation. Their annual income of 3,900 million is an example of how their patrons never get tired of Arby’s food.

The website of Chipotle Mexican Grill is as bright and fresh as its food. At the moment, they have used video elements to promote their Rewards Exchange and also their new line of apparel and accessories. The greatest highlight of their website is their 1-Tap Order section where people can order food on the go. This is extremely rewarding for the restaurant and also provides high convenience for busy people. People love the recipes offered by Chipotle so much that they facilitate it to earn an annual income of 6,315 million. They also have several loyal patrons on social media – 3 million on Facebook and 130 thousand on LinkedIn.

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