15+ Different Types of Food Trucks to Know

Food trucks are one of the fastest-growing divisions of the American food industry, posing a serious challenge to sit-down restaurants. It's easy to see why. Food trucks are the finest way to get delicious, fresh food at any event or gathering. They can serve any outdoor meal, from fast bites at concerts to lavish business team lunches and even weddings. Whatever your taste, there's a food truck to satisfy it!

But how do food truck operators maintain their steady growth? Through delicious meals and even sweeter profits. In this countdown, you'll discover today's most popular type of food trucks.

types of food trucks

Are you thinking of starting a food truck business? Prepare yourself for a slew of advantages and exciting opportunities. Check out these five enticing reasons to start a food truck business:

1) Flexibility: With a food truck business, you can create your schedule and choose your preferred locations. Because you don't have a physical location, you can carry your tasty concoctions to other neighborhoods, events, and festivals, reaching a wide range of customers while catering to their ever-changing cravings.

2) Lower operating costs: Unlike traditional restaurants, starting a food truck business will not cost you a fortune. It's the best choice for enthusiastic entrepreneurs trying to establish a name for themselves without breaking the bank. Check out our article on how to get started with a food truck business and how much food trucks make.

3) Mobile Customer Reach: Hit the road and take your culinary delights to your customers. Explore different locales, attend the most popular events, and grow your customer base. The options are limitless as you adapt to different street food marketplaces and gain a loyal following.

4) Unleash Creativity: Starting your own food service business allows you to experiment with culinary ideas and express yourself creatively. Let your imagination go wild with various cuisines, fusion flavors, and one-of-a-kind concoctions. Show your skills, leave an outstanding impression, and create memorable dining experiences.

5) Community Connection: Engage with your consumers in a relaxed, intimate setting. Make personal relationships, get rapid feedback, and build a devoted community following. Building relationships is easy after you become a local favorite on wheels.

types of food trucks

Starting a food truck offers flexibility, low startup costs, mobility, creative outlets, and community, unlike owning a regular restaurant.

What are the different types of food trucks?

1) Street food truck 

The love of street food is at the heart of the food truck movement, with tacos, kebabs, and sandwiches being some of the most popular options. Street food trucks focus on classic recipes that can be quickly prepared and assembled. This allows them to provide high-quality food to people on the road.

2) Gourmet Food Truck 

Gourmet food trucks use much greater ingredients to push the boundaries of typical street food and keep up traditional menus. A gourmet food truck offers everything, from lobster rolls to fresh pasta.

3) Fast food truck 

Burgers, fries, and fried chicken are all popular food truck options. Enjoying all-American fast food at a food truck appears to be a little more fun than visiting a commercial restaurant!

4) Dessert Food Truck 

Many savory-leaning trucks do not have a sweet item on their menus; therefore, a dedicated dessert truck may be able to fill a gap.

5) Vegan food trucks 

As more people embrace the vegan lifestyle's sustainability, plant-based diets become an appealing alternative. There will undoubtedly be a demand for convenient vegan food, especially near campuses and in busy urban areas.

6) BBQ food truck 

Grilling and smoking on the road can be difficult, but BBQ trucks are always in high demand. In Austin, Texas, some of the most popular food trucks serve brisket and Korean bulgogi tacos.

7) Hamburgers 

Hamburgers, along with their vegan and vegetarian counterparts, are among the most popular food truck concepts worldwide.

They're simple to prepare and can be customized in a variety of ways to distinguish your small business.

8) Funnel Cakes 

types of food trucks

Funnel cakes top the list of food truck ideas because they are an outdoor tradition that can’t be beaten.

If other food trucks in your neighborhood serve a main course, consider serving this dessert/snack instead.

9) Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate 

Offering gourmet coffee, tea, and hot chocolate from your food truck may be the ideal approach to giving people what they want – and need.

Serving high-quality restaurant coffee and even matcha is a great way to start a beverage food truck. With so many coffee lovers, it's a guaranteed good idea.

10) Ice cream truck 

Who doesn't enjoy ice cream? Lactose-sensitive people may not agree, but you can have a dairy-free ice cream food truck as well!

11) Cocktail Trucks 

Cocktail trucks are a fan favorite among all types of food trucks, especially in places with lively nightlife. To start this unique food truck business, you'll need a liquor license. 

12) Waffle Trucks 

Waffle trucks are usually a great pick! To attract a diverse customer base, they offer waffles with a variety of toppings and complementary flavors.

13) Fried Chicken Trucks 

A fried chicken truck is one of several iconic food truck ideas on our list. It's a delicious comfort food that will keep you going on a night out at a food truck.

14) Hotdog Stand Trucks 

Hot dog stands are a popular summer treat in many areas, and a hot dog stand food truck is a mobile twist on the classics. You can add a variety of hot dog toppings, such as chili and bacon.

15)  Taco trucks 

Tacos are a versatile dish that can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for any food truck site. You can use local ingredients and lure a crowd with two-for-one taco specials.

16) Barbecue trucks 

Barbecue is one of the most popular food truck offerings in the United States. It's a great concept for your food truck, no matter how you do it!

17) Donut Trucks 

This list includes a range of dessert types of food trucks, including this donut truck option. Donuts are a versatile dessert that can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. You can add several toppings to make them unique and delicious.

18) Cupcake Trucks 

Cupcake trucks are another tasty dessert option on our list. To make cupcakes stand out, develop an artistic frosting design. If you live in an incredibly vibrant community, you could theme cupcakes around the neighborhood.

19) Brunch Trucks 

Brunch as a meal has swept the nation in recent years, and brunch trucks are the next step in taking brunch on the move. You can create the best menus and become one of the best brunches places no matter where you take your truck.

types of food trucks

Frequently Asked Questions about Food Truck Types

Food truck operators have questions about the various types of food trucks that can be opened. With so many possibilities, from dessert menu trucks to restaurants that use unique cocktail ingredients, the questions are as diverse as the food and beverages served. The following are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Which types of food trucks are most popular? 

Some of the most popular types of food trucks are:

  1. Street Food Trucks
  2. Gourmet Food Trucks
  3. Fast food trucks
  4. Dessert Food Trucks
  5. Vegan food trucks.
  6. BBQ food trucks

Within these categories, there are lots of unique food trucks in different towns. These six categories are a fantastic place to start if you want to expand on the classic food truck concept. Any of these can be used as a business to bring to types of events.

Which Truck is Ideal for a Food Truck? 

Step vans are by far the greatest truck for a food truck. Bread trucks and multi-stop trucks are other common names for step vans. They are easy to enter and exit, and they are very spacious. These are two of the most important characteristics of a good truck for working in and getting out of for breathing room.

What are some food truck names? 

Some food truck names to get inspired by are:

  1. The Food Dudes
  2. The Cheese-Mobile
  3. Vegan On the Go
  4. Street Sweets
  5. Burger-Mobile
  6. Ice Cream Brake (a vehicle pun)
  7. The Snack Shack
  8. Pretzel Pit-Stop

Your food truck name should be catchy and tell customers exactly what they can expect. With these principles, you can be as creative as you want to match your brand.

How Do You Create a Catchy Food Truck Name? 

Coming up with a catchy food truck name is a combination of marketing strategy and wordplay. The finest food truck names are unique, playful, and direct. You want customers to be thrilled about the food and drinks from the moment they hear your food truck name.