15 Effective Questions For Restaurant Survey On Online Ordering System

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all” 

To know how satisfied (or otherwise) a customer is, it is important to know their feedback. A customer’s opinions and suggestions are a guiding light for the dynamic restaurant industry. You could well be investing all your time and efforts to devise the best experience for guests at your restaurant. You could use the best restaurant website builder along with other on-premises strategies to woo your audience. But, what customers derive out of it is completely out of your control.

The way you look at things in your restaurant will be diabolically different from how they perceive it. And, you can never know what they feel by merely watching them all day long. The only way to know how they feel about dining at the restaurant is to ask them.

Crucial customer feedback can be gathered by conducting a survey, using a brief questionnaire.

Guest feedback can be obtained through:

  • Comment Cards
  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Handheld POS system
  • Personal Oral Communication
  • Searches on Yelp and other review sites
  • Moments after an online food order is made 

If you decide to conduct an online survey about your online food ordering system and other digital issues, your questionnaire must be a compilation of the right questions (properly worded and arranged), without which obtaining useful information is not possible. If one question contains too many parts, people are most likely to reply only to one part, leaving you with insufficient feedback. The restaurant survey questionnaire should be a balanced mix of multiple-choice questions and open-ended ones that give customers an opportunity to explain their thoughts in detail too.

Here are 15 questions that we have provided as ideas for your restaurant survey questionnaire intended to gain insights about online food ordering. There is no necessity to use all of them as people will find long surveys or questionnaires boring. Glance through our sample questions and decide which ones are best suited for your restaurant and its website. The questions can also be used on a rotational basis to gather different types of feedback during different times.

Restaurant Survey Questions - For Online Ordering System And Receiving Vital Guest Feedback

1. General Questions:

Q1. Through which communication medium did you get to know about us and our brand?

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Search Engine Result
  • Word of Mouth
  • Podcast Communication
  • Others (Specify) ______________________________

Q2. What made you choose our restaurant over the others for ordering food online?

  • Our User-Friendly Website
  • Easy Online Ordering Procedure
  • Secure Online Payment Procedures
  • Food Quality
  • Food Variety

  • Food Taste
  • Affordable Prices
  • Door Delivery Options
  • Reference from friends or acquaintances
  • Any other factor (Please Specify) _______________

Q3. How likely are you to recommend our restaurant website to friends and family for online food ordering?

  • Very Likely
  • Likely

  • Unlikely
  • Never

2. Tech Questions:

Q1. Did you face any kind of difficulty in locating one or many of the following icons while making an online food order? (Tick against the options)

  • Menu
  • Table Reservation
  • Order Online
  • Open Hours
  • Address & Phone Number
  • Contact Us
  • Others (Please Specify)  ___________________________

Q2. How user-friendly was our website when compared to other restaurant websites? (Rank us from 1-10. 1 being Most Dissatisfactory and 10 being Most Satisfactory). Also, tell us the reason for your rank.


Q3. While you are surfing through the menu on the website to order food online, how precise and communicative is the menu pricing?

  • Very clear
  • Clear

  • Somewhat Clear
  • Not Clear At All 

Q4. Was there any factor that prevented you from ordering food online while on our restaurant website? Please specify.


Q5. Do you receive an order confirmation message or email along with tracker details as soon as the online food order is placed?

  • Yes 
  • No

Q6. How would you rate the online payment procedure on our restaurant website? (Rank us from 1-10. 1 being Very Poor and 10 being Very Good). Also, tell us the reason for your rank.


Q7. Are there any features that you want us to include on our restaurant website to make it more loved by you?


Q8. What do you feel about our restaurant website loading time?

  • Very Quick
  • Quick

  • Slow
  • Very Slow

Q9. Do you enjoy placing online food orders, making digital payments, and completing food orders on our website? Also, rank us based on your experience (1 being Very Bad and 10 being Very Good)

  • Yes
  • No


Q10. What is the best thing about ordering food online on our restaurant website? (You can choose more than one option)

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Menu Variety
  • Menu Categorization
  • Clear Mention of Prices

  • Secure Payment Process
  • Offers and Discounts throughout the year
  • Easy Checkout
  • Delivery of piping hot food at your desired location 

3. Service Questions:

Q1.  Have you ever cancelled any online food orders with our restaurant? If yes, please tell us the reason.


Q2. Is there anything that our restaurant can do to help you complete your online food order?


Now that you have a sample of questions, let us tell you how to set the target and also decide the apt moment to trigger the survey.

Guests Can Be Asked to Participate in Online Restaurant Surveys When:

  1. They click the place order button
  2. They empty the cart are ready to abandon the order
  3. They continuously scroll through various menu items and categories

Tips To Write Effective Restaurant Survey Questions:

  • Use a very simple, straightforward language that involves no reading between the lines.

  • Do not load a single survey with all the questions that you ever wanted to ask. Choose topics that require immediate attention and base your questions only on that specific topic. For example, focus only on online food ordering or website navigation or payment mode.

  • Keep the survey logical and arrange the questions in a methodical manner.

  • Provide any multiple-choice questions to save the time of the survey respondent.

  • Keep changing the questionnaires to receive various kinds of feedback during different periods.


Post pandemic, the number of people visiting restaurant websites to order food online has increased multifold. In order to utilize this trend to one’s own advantage, offering a stunning website with easy food ordering and secure payment options is essential for any restaurant to stay in the game. Such restaurant surveys are great ways to stay aware of the pulse of the customer, receive their feedback in a streamlined manner, and improvise restaurant business methodologies according to their wishes. 

Keeping the website modern and user-friendly is an important aspect of boosting online restaurant food sales. Choose the most trusted restaurant website builder to create a restaurant website and for fulfilling all your online restaurant needs. Engage with digital users and witness the growth of your business by using our power-packed restaurant websites.