20 Best Restaurant Website Templates for Online Food Ordering & Delivery

With online food services becoming increasingly popular, restaurant owners have realized the potential benefits and importance of having a profitable online presence. It helps the food business grow popular within a short span of time and creates greater visibility for the brand.

With readymade (yet customizable) templates, the process of creating a website of your choice becomes all the more simple and easy. This holds good for food delivery websites too. Here is a compilation of online food ordering and delivery templates that can be edited according to your unique business needs to highlight your food in the best way possible.

If you are looking for restaurant website templates that are aesthetic and revenue-generating to create a restaurant website, get in touch with Restaurantify. For an affordable monthly subscription, you will be provided access to customizable food templates with online ordering and secure direct payment from customers. Restaurantify has more than 100 templates designed exclusively for restaurants. Of these, the top 3 templates that are suitable for restaurants are:



Fooday Template:

This template has been designed for restaurants that have lots of stunning photographs to share with their online visitors. While the images of food can be highlighted on the top of the landing page, the section below can be used to showcase the restaurant interiors while also explaining them. Reservation forms are available right from the moment the visitor lands on the page, facilitating CTA instantaneously.

Classic Template:

This restaurant food template is ideal for any restaurant that offers dine-in, takeaway, or delivery. With spaces meant for captivating images and an ‘About Us’ section on the landing page, visitors receive the necessary information at a moment’s glance. Links to every information that diners usually seek are given through icons on a thin strip on the top right of the landing page. Extensive information can be contained in this template and yet be extremely organized and clutter-free. The link to a restaurant that has used the ‘Classic’ template powered by Restaurantify is Mrs. Kumar's Indian Cuisine

Tamarind Template:

This is a food template that is best suited for restaurants filled with fun and color. Food businesses that focus on selling ice-creams or desserts can use this Tamarind template designed by Restaurantify to showcase drool-worthy images of their food. Icons that provide all basic information are available on the top right of the landing page. Every aspect of the website is clearly organized and streamlined to provide the best user experience and high functionality.

Grand Restaurant Template:



This website template is ideal for both busy cafes and restaurants. With captivating images running across the length and breadth of the screen, complemented by limited amounts of explanatory text, this template is sure to make any restaurant’s online presence scintillating. The template uses images against a white backdrop making it more alluring to the visitors.

Tasty Restaurant Template:



Templates that allow the use of large, high-quality pictures are always highly attractive. Images of food increase the credibility of the restaurant. With very few words, they can make people understand the quality and variety of their cuisine. In the above template, while hovering over or clicking on the icons at the top right, the information unfurls on the center of the screen below. This gives the website a streamlined feature with a clutter-free, sophisticated look.

Hungry Restaurant Template:



This template has a name that will attract any person looking for a restaurant to order food – HUNGRY. With a landing page adorned by one life-size and other smaller images of food, this template offers great opportunities for restaurants to showcase their culinary delights and also propagate stories about themselves and their menu. With the landing page itself surpassing expectations, the other pages in this restaurant website template are also a bundle of surprises.

LiveKitchen Template:



The use of the three most wanted colors for any restaurant template – Black, White & Red – makes this restaurant website template exotic and unique. With text and certain elements that can be customized according to the needs of the restaurant, this template is sure to get a nod from every restaurateur seeking a profitable online presence.

Resteto Template:



This restaurant website template is modern and creative. An HTML5 template is a single-page, fully responsive template that facilitates either small or premium restaurants to talk about their restaurant, exhibit their menu, accolades, and even their restaurant interiors. This easily customizable template not only fulfills the basic requirements of any restaurant but also adheres to the latest trends of contemporary web design. This fully responsive template that supports all major browsers, comes with 9 various color schemes.

Steak In Template:



This HTML5 website template is ideal for any restaurant, cafe, bistro, bakery, cafeteria, coffee shop, or pizzeria that offers online food ordering and delivery services too. This template has attractive pre-designed elements and pages that can be extremely rewarding for any restaurant. Objects and text can be edited or replaced with elements of your choice. The design gives great attention to details, is flexible, and exhibits an enduring performance. Restaurateurs looking out for an ultra professional, modern, smooth, sleek, and clean layout can always rely on this template for the best results.

Royate Template:



This elegant and modern HTML5 restaurant website template is ideal for restaurants, especially seafood restaurants, pizzerias, burger outlets, coffee shops, or even for food menus. It has a completely responsive design and has been tested for compatibility on most of the major handheld devices. Its unique and beautiful design is sure to make you feel proud of your online presence.

The Pearl Restaurant Template:



This extraordinary Pearl template lives up to the expectations of its name. With its two fantastically designed unique layouts, this Pearl template is delightful with smooth scrolling, retina-ready impact, and a Parallax effect too. The template provides space for a table reservation form, contact form, and newsletter form making it apt for both hotels and restaurants.

Plato Template :



Plato is a Single Page HTML5 Restaurant website template that is meant for anyone who loves a simple, clean and minimalist design. Restaurants, cafes, or pizzerias can make great use of this Plato template to generate revenue. It has a working contact form and a reservation form. The template is SEO-ready and can be customized to meet the needs of your restaurant business.

Rozario Template:



This PSD template is suitable for American, French, Mexican, Italian, and Chinese restaurants. There are 5 home page variations and a total of 19 pages available in this restaurant website template. The icons carrying various details are placed either on the top or bottom of the landing page with a center alignment. Another version also offers a design where the icons are placed on the top right.

Soup Template:



Soup is an HTML/CSS template based on the Bootstrap framework. This template with a responsive design is extremely useful for modern restaurants as it comes with an online food ordering system component. Since it has 3 different home concepts and 7 color schemes, it is a package that can be used by restaurants serving different cuisines.

Delizus Template:



Delizus is an HTML5 restaurant website template built using the Bootstrap 3 framework. Restaurants and cafes can use this template that combines the elements of beauty and modernity in equal and distinct proportions. Delizus template comes with a bundle of features that can make your restaurant website stand out from those of the competitors. It has 7 different menu styles and 5 homepage variations. There are animated elements on a scroll and a ready-to-use contact form. This template is cross-browser compatible with a parallax background.

Granny Template:



This template has all the elements required for a beautiful and aesthetic restaurant website – menu management, gallery, blogging space, contact form, and online reservation forms too. There is everything that is required for you to get started. Menus with price lists can be easily created, updated, deleted, or re-ordered using the menu manager. Granny template is ideal for restaurants, cafes, bistros, bakeries, cafeterias, coffee shops, and pizzerias.

Max Restaurant Template:



This Max Restaurant Template is completely customizable and well organized. It is pixel perfect and includes 11 PSD files. The landing page facilitates the use of huge images with a scrolling option available on the right side. The social media links and search tab on the top right and the table reservation link on the top left alongside the phone number increase the functionality of the website.

Fable Restaurant Template:



This extremely organized and visually appealing website template is suitable for any restaurant that serves traditional as well as contemporary food. The streamlined layout with the top right containing all the icons leading visitors to important information about the restaurant makes this website template utility-based. The landing page image stretches across the length and breadth of the space over which other text and images can be placed, thus increasing the quotient of visual appeal.

Craft Beer Template:



This website template is extremely suitable for beer bars. It allows the business to showcase the best of its alcoholic drinks against a black and white background. Using a rectangular box pattern, this layout separates the elements in a sophisticated and graceful manner.

Foxeresto Template:



This HTML template uses one single image on the landing page with three boxes of images that lead visitors to other related information on the site. Such templates give a clutter-free look that encourages visitors to stay longer on the page and also order more food than intended. Brand reinforcement is high while using this template as it displays the brand name distinctly.

Vincent Template:



This template is ideal for any food business that specializes in one type of cuisine. In the above example, you can see the template being used for a pizzeria. This template allows the user to display mouth-watering images of food alongside the price list. It is an absolutely minimalist and clutter-free website that provides all the necessary information on the landing page itself. The purchasing cart has also been made available on the landing page for greater revenue-based activities.

Koad Restaurant Template:



Koad is a website template that is ideal for any elegant and trendy restaurant, bistro, or cafe. This template can also be used by businesses of various sizes, agencies, and even corporate sites. This template is easily customizable, responsive, retina-ready, and SEO friendly too. Exporting every file can also be done in seconds. The usage of the plain backdrop enhances the beauty and effectiveness of the limited amount of text.