Take your Restaurant online
in 5 minutes or less

Make your virtual store as tantalizing as your food. Restaurantify’s website templates possess the rare combination of utility and beauty. Play with flavors and textures not just in food, but on your website too!

<h1 class="slider-title">Take your Restaurant online <br>in 5 minutes or less</h1>

Take your Restaurant online
in 5 minutes or less

Make your virtual store as tantalizing as your food. Restaurantify’s website templates possess the rare combination of utility and beauty. Play with flavors and textures not just in food, but on your website too!

<h2 class="slider-title">Take your Restaurant online 
<br>in 5 minutes or less</h2>

Get your website ready in 5 minutes with 5 simple steps

With Restaurantify, it takes just a few simple steps to create a website. We understand that time ticks faster for you than for anybody else. So, we have made the process quick and simple.



Join our clientele by registering with us. Enter your name and valid email address. Don’t forget to use a password that is easy to remember. Always provide authentic credentials to avoid future complexities.


Template Time

Immerse in the joy of selecting from our template collection. You are sure to be spoilt by the choices offered to you. Choose from the multifarious templates that can get you to your dream website within minutes.


Enter Business Details

Furnish basic details – the restaurant’s name, location, contact number and signature dishes. Use a language that is warm and welcoming.



When you have completed Step 2 & 3, tweek the designs or content to suit your needs and match your brand. Customization will enable you to lend your personal touch to your website despite using a pre-curated template.


Domain Name

As a final step, you could either use a new domain name or continue with an existing one. Simply link your domain name to the newly created website. You have, now, successfully completed the registration process.

Just 5 Simple Steps

Just follow the below 5 simple steps to get your awesome website up and running and ready to take your online orders.

Edit Store

Step 1

Provide Essential Information

Type in accurate information about the restaurant’s name, location, contact number and menu. Ensure there is no discrepancy in this information on any webpage.

  • Download Software from our official website, install on your website
  • Connect all the necessary functions
  • You need to specify all the colors that are needed
  • You need to connect online payment systems
  • Frequently using your web browser without clearing its cache is another way to use up valuable storage space.

Step 2

Aesthetic Templates

While making websites clutter – free, our template designs forever win the challenge of capturing every detail. They possess the rare combination of beauty and functionality, which dumbfound the visitor on any device.

Step 3

Upload Your Menu

Enter information about your menu with the price. Highlight your signature dishes. We could assist you by extracting the details from existing sources like Grubhub or Doordash.

Item Category

Step 4

Customize Your Site

Use live editing if needed (Optional)

Although our modern and intelligent templates are meticulously structured to provide a wealth of information and serve as a virtual single point of contact, they are still very flexible. You can customize them whenever needed to suit your needs and brand image.

  • Consistency is key to building a brand. We make sure you look good from every angle.
  • Creating a strategy is one thing, the technical execution something completely different.
  • Improve your user experience and boost sales through regular website optimisations.
Customize Your Site
Map Your Domain

Step 5

Map Your Domain

You could either use a new domain name or continue using an existing one.

  • Go to the Domains page by selecting My Site → Upgrades → Domains.
  • Select Add Domain on the right.
  • Select Use a domain I own.
  • On the next screen select Map Your Domain.
  • Enter the domain you’d like to map and click the Add button. Then complete checkout. Checkout will be free if you already own a plan!

Configuration Complete! Time to get the restaurant business online!

Online Order

The Online Ordering System can be defined as a simple and convenient way for customers to purchase food online, without having to go to the restaurant.

Online Order Home
Online Order


Unlimited orders

Restaurantify does not place any restrictions on the number of orders that a restaurant can receive. It is unlimited. We take every possible effort to connect the diner and restaurateur directly and eliminate middlemen. Restaurantify plugs all the gaps that might result in revenue trickling.

No commission per order

Restaurantify will never stand in your way of earning profits. Every penny that you earn from online orders is completely yours. Direct payment is enabled through the restaurant website that you build through Restaurantify. You pay us only from your profits.

No contract or set-up fee

You will not be bound to us through any agreement. We would, instead, love to impress you with our outstanding performance and concern for your success. You can feel free to terminate your professional relationship with us at any time (although it is unlikely).

Absolutely no other hidden costs

We believe that honesty and transparency are the foundations for any business relationship to prosper. We have kept all our monetary expectations from our clientele very transparent. We will not take you aback with any unexpected invoice once you have begun your journey with Restaurantify.










We love to raise our standards than raising invoices. Your opinions, feedback, business success and progress bring us greater joy than the dollars. We, at Restaurantify, have therefore kept our prices a bare minimum. It is for you to benefit more from us and not vice-versa. Have a look at our price plans to know how less we charge for our superior suite of services.

Initial Setup Fee (Waived due to Covid)
Monthly Fee
Yearly Fee
Yearly Discount
Template to Choose From
Menu Listing
Ability to update Menu
Bulk upload of Menu Items
Ability to update Restaurant Info
Ability to update Images
Ability to update Text Content
Customizable Splash Screen
SSL Certificate
Premium Templates
Online Ordering
Secure Payment Processing
Website Analytics
Custom Pages
Email Marketing
Multi-language Support
POS Integration
Customized Content
Digital Marketing
$ 100$ 0
$ 20
$ 15
25 Templates
$ 150$ 0
$ 40
$ 30
50 Templates
$ 200$ 0
$ 60
$ 45
100 Templates
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
$ 200$ 0
$ 55
$ 40
100 Templates


Thomas Kellen, Head Chef, Meatwell Restaurant, New Jersey:

Running a restaurant online was a humongous task that required a lot of acumen before the Restaurantify era. It is now my soulmate that assists me in every business transaction. Facilitating online ordering through our own website accelerated the revenue cycle. I would strongly recommend Restaurantify for my fellow restaurateurs.



Charlotte Kent, Operations Manager, Kentucky Group, Chicago:

Restaurantify is a smart, strategic platform to take your restaurant online. If a novice like me could design a website on my own and make it receive applause too, it is purely because of Restaurantify. It can seamlessly transform tasks into steps with its amazing features and bring them under one roof. My heartfelt thanks for eliminating middlemen and empowering restaurateurs like me.



James Bocuse, Team Lead, Eat@Will, Pennsylvania:

I started using Restaurantify primarily to get a website constructed for my food outlet. But, after I started using it, I realized there is more value offered than meets the eye. It opens up a whole new world that was once only a dream for restaurateurs. Offering flexibility during the course of action helped me to chisel my end product methodically.



Daniel Beverly, Head, Financial Strategy & Operations, Meet Expressway, Florida:

Restaurantify is worth every dollar shelled. It emancipates people running restaurants from their daily, hectic chores that were once disorganized and loss making. It filled all the gaps in my business market and effectively connected me to the diner - that too in style.

Get Solution For Frequent Common Challenges

This section has been created by Restaurantify to answer your queries, help you know queries in the minds of others in the business, bust your myths, help you find answers and keep you doubt-free. If you fail to find an answer or do not find any answer fulfilling, click the link below to leave your question. We will get it answered within the next 48 business hours.


Restaurantify is the place for restaurateurs to seek support getting an online business window active.

Restaurantify enables you to design your own website, enable online food ordering and direct payment options - all for a minimal fee, with no commission on orders.

Restaurantify is for the restaurateurs from a restaurateur. So, the offers are big while the prices are minimal.

Restaurantify functions like a professional guide who takes you around places when you are abroad. The guide belongs to the place and simply gives you the facts, allowing you to enjoy your holiday. Similarly, Restaurantify provides you professional assistance in creating and maintaining your website. It ensures that YOU enjoy the benefits of an online restaurant business. We interfere less with your business operations and indulge more in making your efforts fruitful.

You will need a laptop, Tab or a desktop to design your website for the first time. Once the website is launched, you can update information (menu, working hours, price lists) using the mobile application.

Lets Get Started!

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Build a Website with Restaurantify – Turn Dreams Into Reality. Start with a Designer-Made Template & Use the Drag & Drop Tools to Customize as You Go


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