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4 Steps To Set Up A Great Restaurant Website

Are you looking to increase your restaurant revenue? Then, sign up and join the Restaurantify family. Provide us your authentic credentials - the restaurant name, contact name, email and phone number. Then, you can move to the next step.
Template Time
At this stage, Restaurantify presents to you an ocean of free, designer-made templates meant exclusively for restaurants or any food business. Select any one awesome, user-friendly design and complete the website creation within minutes.
Customization leads to personalization of a pre-curated template. Restaurantify’s flexible templates can be tailored to meet a specific brand’s unique needs by inclusion of the menu, hours, location, blog and an online ordering system.
After adding a free or a premium custom domain, you are now ready to launch your stunning restaurant website that is empowered with online ordering and a direct payment system that increases your sales and adds value in the long run.

Beautiful, Customizable Restaurant Website Templates

Design your website by choosing from more than 50 responsive website templates that are complete with
customizable design features and built-in tools to make every restaurant business successful.

Modern Restaurant
Website Designs

Since website design impacts brand perception, it is essential to use professionally designed, responsive templates with designs that leave the customers awestruck and unwilling to turn to the competitors.

Use Restaurantify’s modern website designs for an invincible online presence and a layout that presents all crucial information in a streamlined fashion.

Digital Menus That
Bring Orders

Restaurantify makes menu creation and updation easy, kickstarting your restaurant’s e-commerce activities. Restaurants can share their mouthwatering menu in an interactive format.

Get rid of outdated PDF menus on your restaurant website. Introduce seasonal menus, multiple sections, images, modifiers, dietary details and much more in minutes.

Digital menus built using Restaurantify are meant to be read by Google and can be updated in real-time.

Switch to digital menus to give an impetus to online ordering and enable zero-contact ordering.

Online Ordering System
For Commission-Free

An online ordering system empowers restaurants, drives
growth, profitability and customer loyalty.

Customer Engagement Features

Push Notifications
Display Marketing
Coupon Builder
Customer Loyalty Program

Multi Location Features

Multiple Outlet Management
Store Configurations For Each Location
Easy Location Set Up

Order Management Features

High-powered functional dashboard
Online Ordering Operations

Payment Features

Gateway Integration
Several Payment Options

Integration Features

Ordering Link Integrated Website
POS Integration
Flexible Integration Options

Custom Features

Flexible Checkout Process
In-built Label Editing Tool
Beautiful Color Combinations

Analytics Features

Detailed Analytical Reports

Customer Management Features

Customer Profile Creation
Personalized Offers
Easy Sign Up

Why Choose Restaurantify Website Builder?

Website builders are life saviors only if the right one is chosen. Looking for an all in one website builder? Here are a few
compelling reasons why you must choose us to build your new restaurant website.

Free Website

Why miss the opportunity that Restaurantify gives every restaurant to create their website for free. We do not charge the restaurateurs any fee in any manner for the process involved in website

Advanced Integrations

Several advanced features and integrations like Google Maps location, social media integration, Email integration, Google Analytics, Schema Markup and SEO are pre-built to enhance your online reputation.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Once the website is created and launched, it requires no further maintenance. Your perfect website will be completely protected against technical, security or malware issues, thus functioning for eternity.

Strategic Website Designs

Considering the importance of template designs for any restaurant website, we have made ours responsive. The attractive, gadget-compatible web designs have been created keeping only the customers in mind.

DIY With Ease

We are a no-coding website builder meant for all. So, even restaurant owners or users without any technical skills can create, customize, update or modify the website design or content anytime with ease.

24/7 Customer Support

Not only is website creation easy with us. Contacting us for support and assistance is simple and straightforward too. We are available 24/7 for fulfilling the requirements of our clients instantaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Find the most frequently asked questions about Restaurantify answered for you.

Which website builder is ideal for a restaurant?

Consider options like Restaurantify, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly, and Shopify when choosing a website builder. It is all about your preferences and needs. Create a free and stunning restaurant website in five minutes with Restaurantify.

How can I create a free website for my restaurant?

You can aid the help of free website builders like Restaurantify, Wix, or WordPress.com to create a free restaurant website, or you can collaborate with a website designer who offers free or discounted website development services.

What are other alternatives to Wix Restaurant that I can use?

Wix Restaurant is not the only option. Restaurantify, Square Online, and Shopify are other alternatives that provide online ordering, booking, and other restaurant-specific functions. Restaurant websites can also be created using WordPress and plugins like RestaurantPress.

Why do restaurants need a website?

In today’s digital era, restaurant websites play a crucial role. Customers can find out more about your restaurant, order online, view your menu, and make reservations via your website. It helps define your brand identity, build an online presence, and draw new customers.

What makes a great restaurant website design?

Restaurant websites should be visually appealing, informative, and useful. Apart from showing the brand identity, it should also focus on the unique selling point. Device- and screen-adaptive design is the key.

Is it important for my restaurant to have a mobile app?

Mobile apps can foster your restaurant’s online visibility but require a lot of time and money to develop and maintain. Ultimately, the decision to create a mobile app should be based on your restaurant’s goals and needs.

What should a restaurant website have?

A restaurant website should include key features like a menu with detailed descriptions, online ordering or reservation options, and high-quality food images. A recipe section or blog can also help you engage with customers and highlight your skills.

What are the benefits of having a well-designed restaurant website?

It can help you establish a brand identity, improve customer engagement, increase online visibility, and allure new customers. A website can also be a medium for online ordering, reservations, and customer reviews, making it easier for customers to interact with your restaurant.

What are the top strategies for designing an effective restaurant layout?

A well-designed layout boosts the restaurant’s identity and offers an exceptional dining experience for customers. Highlighting menu items with strategic layouts or graphics and using lighting to set the mood are other options.

What is the average cost of creating an app for a small business?

The cost of designing an app might vary depending on the app’s complexity and the developer’s hourly rate. On average, a subtle app costs $5,000 to $20,000, whereas complex apps cost $50,000 or more. Considering your business needs and budget is essential when investing in app development.

Restaurantify Premium Packages

We, at Restaurantify, have kept our prices a bare minimum. Have a look at our price plans
to know how less we charge for our superior suite of services.

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For Beginners

$30 /month


Established Restaurants

$45 /month


Established Restaurants

$10 $0 /month
Initial Setup Fee
Yearly Discount
Convenience Fee**
Choice Of Templates
Menu Listing
Ability to update Menu
Bulk upload of Menu Items
Update Restaurant Info
Update Images
Update Text Content
Customizable Splash Screen
SSL Certificate
Premium Templates
Online Ordering
Secure Payment Processing
Website Analytics
Custom Pages
Email Marketing
Multi-language Support
POS Integration
Customized Content
Digital Marketing
$ 199.00
Add On
Add On
$ 199.00
Add On
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$ 249.00
Add On
Add On
$ 249.00
$ 0.95
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