An Instagram Marketing Guide for Restaurant Owners

An Instagram Marketing Guide for Restaurant Owners

While Facebook has been the most popular social media for almost 2 decades now, Instagram is quickly becoming the more popular social media, especially among marketers. As of 2021, Instagram is the second most downloaded app in the world, making it not only gen Z’s favorite social media platform but also gaining some serious clout with gen X!

So Why Instagram for Restaurants?

According to a report by Facebook IQ, 87% of Instagram users took action after seeing a product on their feed by either following the brand, visiting the website, or purchasing the product online. Now that’s a number that would encourage any restaurant owner to capitalize on this platform. We are here to not only encourage you but also help you use Instagram effectively to build your customer base and brand image!

Before we start, here’s a quick Instagram checklist to tick off:

  • Update your profile image
  • Add a line about your business to the bio
  • Update the link of your restaurant website to your bio
  • Add your business contact information (email, phone, etc.)
  • Follow your favorite business, marketing and design handles for inspiration

Now, how can you make the most of Instagram easily:

Tease Them With Your Menu:

Your food is your product. Get people curious about it. Posts parts of your menu, your specials, any festivals you’re celebrating, etc. You are sure to have your viewers’ stomachs growling!

Stick to the brand and only post food that you serve and is available at least for 2 or 3 days since posting. You do not want to disappoint people visiting you after seeing your posts.

Post Drool-worthy Pictures:

While reels and videos might be the in thing on Instagram, for the food business, the traditional drool-worthy pictures still do the trick. For that matter, reports suggest that photos and carousels get more engagement compared to reels or IGTV videos. So get photographing! Don’t stop there, get your customers to post the pictures they take and tag you!

Add Relevant and Trending Hashtags:

Did you know #food is one of the most popular hashtags of all time on Instagram? It was used 25,279,694 times in 2020!

Hashtags are key and play an important role in reaching the right audience but it works only when used correctly. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags per post and 10 for reels. But don’t start adding the 25 top trending hashtags. Instead add hashtags that are relevant to your brand/cuisine, industry, and the post itself.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity:

When it comes to Instagram, quality matters over quantity and they’ve made sure of it. In the food and beverage industry, the average number of posts is between 2 and 3. Make those two or three posts count! Keep it minimal, clear, and very very attractive!

Spend Time on Your Copy and CTA

The image, the copy, the caption, and the hashtags together make the post. So make sure together they tell a story and on their own get the viewer curious about the story. Also, make sure your language is clean, simple, and comprehensible.

Be Consistent

This does not mean posting every day or posting many times a day. It means you have to be active and engage with your customers regularly. Even if you post only twice a week, you must respond to comments and shares regularly. Keep up with the current trends and adapt them for your brand. you can also post stories, conduct polls on your stories, and share or reshare posts you’re tagged in.

Did you know 57% of users say they like it when brands polls and quizzes on Instagram compared to any other platforms?

Leverage Your Patrons

Your customers are your best brand ambassadors. If you have a very satisfied customer, ask them to leave a review, or add photos and tag you on Instagram. You can then reshare them or quote them on your profile. This will add a lot of credibility to your brand and product.

Do you have any other hacks and ways to keep your Instagram audience entertained and engaged? Tell us. If not and you want more ideas, we can help. Talk to us! Tell us!