Checklist for Opening a New Restaurant

The Internet has changed the way food business is conducted. From social media marketing to restaurant online ordering, pretty much an entire transaction can happen without any physical contact. For that matter, there has been a 63% decrease in dine-in reservations globally (OpenTable). This is not necessarily a bad thing because studies show that there will be a 15% increase in profits in the restaurant industry (Moody’s). 

So you are not losing customers. At least you won’t if you adapt to the evolving business environment. While this is easier said than done for established businesses, as a new business owner, this won’t just be easier to do but will also give you an advantage over the others.  

We have pulled together a little checklist to help you get your food business off on the right foot in this ever-evolving post-pandemic world: 

You can also read our article on the Restaurant opening checklist-from opening to marketing. If the idea of moving your restaurant business online or digitizing a part of it seems overwhelming.

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