Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

Gone are the days when restaurants relied solely on conventional marketing forms like brochures, posters, paper menus, and other printed versions for capturing people’s attention and reaching more customers. But, with the restaurant industry becoming increasingly competitive and the advent of digitalization in marketing, the entire game plan has witnessed a sea change.

Restaurants have realized that the greatest potential for reaching people and marketing the brand lies online. Restaurants must build their own website and use digital modes to reach people where they are present most of the time.

90% of diners research restaurants online before deciding on their dining destination.

This makes a digital marketing strategy an extremely powerful tool for restaurants to utilize and execute in order to sustain or beat the competition.

  • 57% of people visit a restaurant’s website before deciding if they can dine in the place.
  • 33% of diners read online reviews written by guests before dining in a restaurant

Amazing Facts About the Restaurant Industry

95% of restaurateurs admit that technology aids in improving the overall efficiency of the restaurant business.

With digitization infusing a new lease of life even to medium-scale eateries, restaurants are making full-fledged use of their own online ordering services powered through their websites and mobile apps.

  • For every online order, 34% of diners spend nearly $50
  • 60% of diners utilize digital channels to order food online, at least once every week
  • Since 2014, digital ordering has recorded a 300% growth
  • 70% of consumers prefer ordering directly from restaurants rather than using third-party food delivery apps.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

Small restaurants too should consider the prospects of expanding their marketplace on a global level by using the online medium. Restaurants must not overlook the robustness of digital channels as a means to increase footfall, improve online orders and multiply profits.

Customers Are Online

The diners of this generation are very active online. So, it is essential to reach out to them through a medium where they are interested in to know you and also learn more about you. Restaurants must necessarily have a robust website and also be active on other social media platforms. If diners do not find you online, they might develop an unfavorable impression about the restaurant, not be willing to visit it and try your exquisite dishes.

Cost-Effective Marketing For Restaurants 

Digital marketing is a boon for restaurants that have devised a marketing strategy on a shoestring budget. Using social media for online advertising allows restaurants to reach a niche target audience. By excluding people who might never be your patrons, restaurants can save a lot of money and time. Social media is a boon for restaurants as it allows one to set a daily budget to reach out to a distinct audience that would be interested in trying your food.

Benefits of Restaurant Digital Marketing

Digital marketing enables restaurants to achieve target branding and avoid negative feedback that might tarnish their reputation. The major benefits of restaurant digital (online) marketing are:

  • Great Customer Care – When customers are able to contact the restaurant directly via Facebook or Twitter to register their complaints or grievances, customer care is enhanced.
  • Reduced Expenditure – Restaurant digital marketing is less expensive, but helps reach a large audience. Even with free online advertising options, restaurants can make themselves known to the world as good dining options.
  • Increases Sales – With wider reach using online marketing channels, restaurants can attract more potential customers and convert them into patrons, while also retaining existing customers.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies For Restaurants

Developing one’s own restaurant website

A functional, mobile-optimized restaurant website with appealing content and images tops the list of online or digital marketing strategies for restaurants as it is the place where a restaurant can generate maximum leads. Using short and crisp content along with attractive food images will make the website look professional, easy-to-use and effective.

Restaurant SEO 

Statistics reveal that 64% of people who look for restaurants online visit the location within 60 minutes. So, when people are using keywords like ‘restaurants near me’, if your restaurant has to be featured among the top 3 or 5, you must implement a bespoke restaurant SEO strategy that easily reduces customer acquisition costs and attracts more local customers.

Great Content

Restaurants need not sound literary or poetic in their communication with prospects and existing customers. Effective content is one that people can readily understand and respond to. Restaurants can use short, crisp, and sometimes even humorous content along with a Call-To-Action (CTA) to create a favorable impression.

Outbound Email Marketing

Restaurants can target a warm audience (people who have shown interest in your restaurant and are willing to receive communication) effectively through email marketing and enjoy nearly 28.5% better ROI than direct mail. By segmenting audiences and sending personalized emails about the latest offers or discounts, restaurants can run successful email marketing campaigns.

Leverage Influencer Marketing On Social Media 

Combining social media marketing with the power of influencer marketing is necessary for restaurants to attract customers who trust human recommendations for good places to dine-in.

Using Third-Party Delivery Services

In order to enjoy maximum profits, it is necessary for restaurants to break-free from the clutches of third-party food delivery services. Yet, their contribution in the online delivery landscape cannot be completely overlooked. Partnering with UberEats, GrubHub or DoorDash helps boost business. Nevertheless, creating one’s own restaurant website with the direct online ordering is the smartest way to reach customers and enjoy profits.

This blog from Restaurantify would surely have served the purpose of helping you understand how to design, start and go about executing the marketing strategy for your restaurant. For more help with digital marketing for your restaurant business, get in touch.