Google Domains: Updating DNS Settings

Table of Contents
  • Navigate to https://domains.google
  • Click on “Manage Domains” button that is on the top right
  • Click on “My Domains” from the top left
  • Click on “Manage” against the domain name that you would like to map to your website
  • Click on “DNS” from the left navigation menu
  • Click on “Manage custom records”
  • Take note of all the values that are under the “custom records” section and delete the existing records.
  • Click on “Create new record” and enter the following entries
    Host NameTypeTTLData
    A600will be provided by the support team
    adminA600will be provided by the support team
    mobileA600will be provided by the support team
    wwwCNAME600your domain name
  • Click on “Save”

    Google Domain-masked