Excellent Ways to Promote Your Restaurant On Facebook

Excellent Ways to Promote Your Restaurant on Facebook

If you are a very successful restaurant business owner, but you aren’t having or maintaining your profile in social media platforms, then it is safely assumed that you are losing out. The power of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are so significant that you can leverage them to your greater advantage. What more if you dare to use the popular and trendy restaurant advertising hashtags in your social profile such as #foodie #foodphotography. Who knows – you may reach millions of foodie folks with a great number of ardent followers. After all, who doesn't like going through their feed and seeing your wonderful food photos?

Apart from social media you can greatly power your restaurant business by creating a terrific restaurant website design with an unbeatable food template from website builders, just to hold sway over your audience and make them fall in love with your menu head-over-heels.

Well, first let us discuss how social media platforms (mainly Facebook) can help you to take your restaurant business to the next level.

1. Why Do You Need Social Media to Promote Your Business?

When it comes to the world of online marketing, nothing is very powerful compared to the prowess of social media marketing, so it is best considered for your restaurant business. Implementing certain well-known savvy social methods might seem and feel like a great tug of war, but it is always worth the try. Just remember that it's worthwhile to put in the great strides. 

It is widely estimated that around 3 Billion people worldwide actively use social media networks in their everyday life, with 2912 active people who use Facebook alone, on a daily basis being highly active. 

So, just think about the amount of brand exposure you will get when you use it precisely.

Targeting the Foodies! Things on Facebook You Need to Do to Attract Them:

Given below are some of the most important tactics and proven methods to follow, when you are targeting the foodies, which in turn brings you more followers on Facebook:

  • Make good use of geolocation mapping.
  • Folks who are most inclined to dine with you should be targeted.
  • Increase your reach by targeting audiences who are similar in taste with yours.
  • Entice customers by displaying your ambience.
  • Leverage your positive points.
  • Make use of the special occasions to throw a celebrity party at your restaurant.
  • Organize a good number of entertaining free activities to attract new customers.
  • Display the members of your team.

2. Concentrate on Outweighing Your Competitors:

The Facebook advertising program specifically targets people based on their interests. So, in case you are attempting to entice people from your competitor's business to join yours, you need to concentrate and deliver your advertisements to folks who have expressed interest in huge national and regional food franchises. You just need to make a “try me" proposal to your prospective customers. However, you have that option of restricting your existing consumers from seeing that promoted offer. 

3. Include Your Restaurant’s Menu:

If you have a Facebook profile created for your restaurant, you need to equip your customers with the types of menu that you have. Including the customized menu on your page allows your page visitors and customers to easily have a glance over your menu options and pricing over the screen of their smartphone. This process makes their order very easy and highly flexible. 

You can also leverage the Facebook plugin to your advantage and create a customized menu, which always gets displayed below the Facebook page.

Just click the “Pin To Top” button, your restaurant menu shows superbly on the top of your official page.

So, the best option for you is just the “pin to top" option, as this enables you to showcase your restaurant cuisines and menu at the top of your Facebook page and in turn gives an increased visibility.

4. Obtain Excellent Feedback and Review on Your Fb Page:

Customers could well see how much other folks and fellow customers  like your hospitality service and your food by reading the reviews on your business profile. Enable your followers and customers  to submit reviews on Facebook by going to settings.

Respond to comments in a dignified manner. If the feedback is favorable, appreciate them for being a loyal customer and thank them; if the feedback is negative, seriously reconsider your answer. Rather than trying to make excuses or blaming the customers, let them feel valued and make them heard. Also apologize if they had any little unpleasant experience in your restaurant, and promise to quickly and efficiently rectify it. 

5. Publish Your Posts at a Specific Time Interval:

Understanding the core of the optimum time intervals and periods to publish and post your feeds on social networking sites like Facebook on your restaurant official page is among the most significant factors that determine your social success.

You need to publish exactly at the right time while folks aren't busy, which is considered a good general principle. You need to publish your posts in the morning, around noon, and in the early hours of evening, when folks generally are relaxed and most active on social media. 

Lunch and dinner times are by far the most crucial time period to publish your posts if you are a restaurant business owner.

If you have a wonderful lunch special for the day, you must promote it in the days leading up to lunchtime, which is approximately 11:00 AM. If you've got a stunning offer for a great happy hour, post the message and schedule it at about 5:00 PM.

Consider the time period and interval that will bring you the most consumers, so you need to concentrate your efforts on them.

6. Use Facebook Ads, to Your Highest Advantage:

You can use the full potency of the Facebook advertisements to position your restaurant as the best sought destination for a wide range of special events such as anniversaries, weddings, birthday specials and other festivities. The Facebook advertisements help to target your ideal customers for a huge range of events, and this can be used good as part of your restaurant promotional campaign. The top reason is because multitudes of folks want to utilize your restaurant for many of their special events, so you need to connect to your intended demographic using Facebook's extensive retargeting tools.

While Facebook advertising can be well used to acquire new customers, they can also be used to offer unique discounts to the regular customers who frequently visit your restaurant. You may target customers who actively visit your business with the smart geofencing Facebook ads. This is because Facebook may detect whenever anyone enters your restaurant and mark them via the Facebook programme on their smartphone.

Excellent Example:

The Facebook page of Mrs. Kumar’s is a client of Restaurantify, who leveraged their social presence using all the methods. You can take this page as an inspiration for your ideas and promotion.


The above mentioned are some great Facebook marketing strategies for your restaurant that you need to implement. To implement these Facebook marketing thoughts into action, you must be on Facebook every day. Because you need to know that Facebook is a real-time social networking site, you should respond quickly in case a customer shares your post in their feed or gives a comment on your post or asks you any question.