Restaurant flyers to captivate

Maximize the restaurant’s marketing impact. Make use of our affordable and
result-oriented flyer campaigns.

Significance Of
Restaurant Flyers

With restaurant business transactions increasingly happening online,
it becomes essential to use sophisticated strategies to capture
the attention of people in the
virtual space. One medium that restaurants can still rely on for immediate
results is the flyer.

But, printed flyers are no longer in vogue. Using online flyers enables
restaurants to engross modern customers online.

Flyers can function as effectively as a restaurant website in generating
revenue through online attention and sales

How to create enchanting flyers to
attract new customers?

Restaurant flyers need to possess these qualities for effective brand communication
and customer attention retention.

Niche customer

What should your restaurant
flyer encompass?

Colors and textures are an important aspect in food psychology.
A restaurant flyer must use such elements appropriately to
induce hunger components and make people order instantly.

A striking design

The design of your restaurant flyer determines its success. Keep the design minimalistic, uncluttered, yet striking.

Focus And Highlight

Focus on your brand value and identity. Highlight discounts and special offers that motivate people to take actions.

Flyer Template

Choose a template that reflects your restaurant brand. Customize your flyer to suit your specific communication needs.

Reasons for necessarily using flyer
marketing for your restaurant

Here are a few compelling reasons for using flyers as a communication medium
while executing the restaurant marketing strategy.

Easy Accessibility To All

Hard copies of flyers can be used by restaurants to communicate to the elderly and digitally unaccustomed customers who prefer having a copy in hand and ordering via phone. Neglecting this segment results in significant revenue loss.

Cost Effective Medium

With printed copies of restaurant flyers, restaurateurs have complete control over the design and message. Since the same design can be used repeatedly with minimal content adjustments, it is a cost effective medium.

Types Of Flyers

We offer various ready-to-use flyer templates that can be
customized according to your requirement and budget.

Holiday Flyers

Restaurants can use our flyer templates for every big occasion and promote their holiday deals, festive events and special foods.

Event Flyers

Quickly design an attention grabbing event flyer with stylistic elements including images, text, graphics, etc. to create awareness about your event and sell more tickets.

Informative Flyers

Restaurantify offers flyer templates that focus on one key message with a clear call to action. Make use of a template to get people excited and curious to know more.

Reach out to customers
using custom flyers

In order to stand out from the flurry of activities and promote
the restaurant’s events and holiday themes, printed flyers are a powerful medium.
Use this low cost marketing solution and medium to reach out effectively to potential
customers and keep existing ones informed.

The pre-designed layouts communicate about the holiday
theme or event in different styles – elegant, traditional, contemporary and minimalist.
Our customization tools make flyer creation fun by providing unlimited options.

Looking for assistance in custom flyer creation?
Our creative designers are waiting to help you!

Contact us immediately for more information on flyer designs and customization.

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Privacy Policy | Terms of use | © Restaurantify, Inc. 2023 All Rights Reserved