Integrated Digital Platform For
Food and Drink Sellers

Simplify your edible food-selling operations online with our integrated platform that
includes website creation, order management, inventory, and engagement.

50+ Exclusive Designs For Food and Drink Sellers

Use Restaurantify's modern website designs for an unbeatable online presence
and a layout that presents all pertinent information in a streamlined manner.

How we boost the online success of your products

Here are our top online services for taking your food and drink
products to the next level.


Set up a website for
your product now!

Making a food and drink website shouldn't be rushed.
A lot of thinking must be done to get it right.

Choose Template

Find your perfect fit with our vast selection of customizable templates, designed to help you shine online!

Customize Website

Unleash the full potential of your website by leveraging our creative website-building services, which include essential tweaking tactics, and watch your online presence soar.

Add Menu and Dishes

Whet your customers' appetite and keep them coming back for more with our easy-to-use menu and dish-adding features!

Set Up Features

Setting up Restaurantify is straightforward. You can choose to set up custom features and order management yourself or get customized assistance from our team.


Expand your reach and establish a dominant online presence with our cutting-edge marketing tools, reaching diverse audiences with ease.

Attributes of Our Food and
Drink Websites

Here are the key components of our food and drink websites and related services that enable the seller to function at
optimum efficiency, resulting in excellent online and offline sales.

Product Catalog

– Make a user-friendly product catalog.
– Mark up products on the website showing proper
choices and variants.
– Provide proper delivery details and update
availability accordingly.

Digital Marketing

– Email marketing
– Linking social media handles to the website
– Offering coupons and discounts to boost sales.

Online Ordering

– Manage consumer orders placed via the website.
– Commission-free online ordering system.
– Provide delivery and pick-up options.
– Secure payment methods.

SEO Optimization

– Improves online platform visibility
– Drives traffic to the website and the online booking system
– Boosts brand exposure
– It is a cost-effective customer-driving solution.

Transform your food and
drink sales online!

Create a professional and visually appealing online presence for
your food and drink business with our convenient and affordable

Our food and drink website templates range from the simple
menu and contact information websites to more complex sites with
online ordering and product catalogs.

Need help building the best website feasible
for your product? Our aid is on the way!

Contact us to learn more about our inventive team and how we can help you in achieving your goals.
Let's get started on your needs today!

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Privacy Policy | Terms of use | © Restaurantify, Inc. 2023 All Rights Reserved