How To Become A Top Dasher? Requirements And Benefits

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery app that allows customers to order food and drinks from restaurants within a particular radius. This on-demand food delivery service is powered by gig workers. DoorDash makes it easy for restaurants to expand their delivery business as they do not have to hire delivery drivers.

DoorDash operates in multiple cities. It offers food delivery across the US. It works closely with restaurants. While it allows eateries to decide the menu and set menu prices, it controls the delivery process and charges service fees accordingly.

Restaurants receive orders through the app and pay DoorDash for using the services of the drivers. Whether it pays a monthly fee, a flat fee per order or commission based on earnings depends on the agreement made between DoorDash and the restaurant.

The food delivery drivers of DoorDash, known as Dashers, are paid a base salary from DoorDash, through customer tips and by meeting certain challenges and standards. There are certain top Dasher requirements laid down by DoorDash that must be fulfilled to enjoy the benefits entitled for top Dashers.

DoorDash enables restaurants to start a delivery business and saves them from the trouble of hiring their own delivery workers. Earlier, DoorDash used to take even a portion of the driver’s tips. This is not done anymore.

The amount that restaurants pay to DoorDash is used to:

  1. Pay Dashers their salary
  2. Perform background checks of Dashers (freelance drivers)
  3. Process credit card transactions
  4. Pay for advertising and marketing activities

DoorDash offers restaurants several choices about how delivery services need to be offered. For instance, DoorDash offers ‘Storefront’ as a service that allows customers to place orders not just through the app, but also through the restaurant’s website. Another service called DoorDash Drive is meant exclusively for big orders like catering platters using which restaurants can handpick Dashers who can help them deliver their large quantity orders. Cloud kitchens can rely completely on DoorDash to execute their deliveries.

If interested, restaurant owners can also make use of the data analytics service that is offered by DoorDash. This will help them analyze the nuances of the business operations and improve efficiency. The DoorDash Merchant Portal allows restaurants to track sales, make menu alterations, track metrics like total sales, average order size and items that sell the most.

DoorDash also offers value to restaurant customers by enabling quick ordering and delivery of food across a specific local radius. The DoorDash website or mobile app can be used to search local restaurants, browse their online menu for free, place orders, make online payments and even track the order in real-time until it is delivered at the doorstep.

The downside is that not all restaurants offer their entire menu on DoorDash. And since the delivery process is taken care of by DoorDash, customers can take up issues only with the app and not the restaurant.

Wish To Become A DoorDash Dasher?

If you wish to engage yourself in a financially rewarding part-time job, then assuming the role of a Dasher is sure to be lucrative. This extra money will improve your financial security by increasing your income. You can also opt to be a full-time Dasher.

DoorDash Dasher – The Requirements

Let us now look at the requirements to become a top Dasher, the benefits and how much money can be earned. You will also know if it is really worth taking all the efforts to become a Top Dasher.

What Is Top Dasher Program?

This program has been designed by DoorDash to reward the best Dashers for their performance with special benefits.

Requirements To Qualify As A Top Dasher

  1. Customer Rating – The value of the star rating given by customers. It should be a minimum of 4.7 out of 5
  2. Acceptance Rate – This is the rate at which you accept deliveries, also known as dashes. This should be at least 70%
  3. Completion Rate – This should be at least 95% and depends on whether the Dasher is ready to deliver or not. This delivery rate metric monitors how many of your accepted deliveries are actually delivered.
  4. Lifetime Deliveries – You will qualify as a Top Dasher only if you have completed a minimum of 200 deliveries. This gives seniors a greater opportunity than the new entrants. Also, the number of completed deliveries during the previous month should have been 100.

These criteria must be accomplished by the second day of each month.

Ways To Achieve Top Dasher Requirements

The above said requirements are straight-forward. The high customer rating depends on how quickly you get the food to the customer and how well you follow their specific instructions and fulfill their individual needs.

How Does The Program Work?

To know if you have qualified as a Top Dasher, check on the last day of the previous month. Simply use the driver login icon to go to the ‘Account’ section in the Dasher app. Click on the ‘Dasher Rewards’ button to know if you have qualified and the details of your rewards.

Requalifying Every Month

To qualify as a Top Dasher for the next month, you must meet the above said criterion on the last day of the month.

Key Features And Benefits Of Being A Top Dasher

Apart from the pride of having fulfilled the criteria laid down by DoorDash, you also enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Dashing Anytime – Freelance drivers can now work on their side hustle according to their convenience and schedule.
  2. Dash Anywhere – By being a Top Dasher, you get priority to travel to near-by metro areas or hot zones anytime. This will benefit Dashers residing in areas that are not always busy.
  3. Accept High Value Orders – You can prioritize and choose only orders of high value. This is a great benefit for money hackers as Top Dashers get an immediate spike in the weekly income simply by utilizing this feature.

Is Being A Top Dasher Truly Worth It?

This totally depends on the individual’s preferences. While some Dashers love the perks and benefits, others feel that being a Top Dasher really makes no difference.

Dashers with great experience have shared information that might be useful for beginners. They say that to make $1000 a week working as a Dasher, one must consider working during busy hours, dashing to nearby hotspots and reducing overall expenses (for example, gas expenses). For this, one can sign up for the Dasher Direct card or find the best debit cashback apps.

This blog would have been a great read for those looking to earn some quick extra bucks. Being a Dasher is a great choice as Top Dashers can earn an average of $25 per hour. For more such interesting restaurant-related articles, follow Also get in touch for professional assistance in restaurant website building and digital marketing.