How to Choose the Right Restaurant Name (+ 190 Great Ideas & Examples)

Choosing the right name for your restaurant is one of the most important branding decisions you'll face as a business owner, but coming up with restaurant names can be difficult!   

You might only need a little bit of creative inspiration to come up with an ideal name for your new restaurant business. That's why we put together this collection of restaurant name ideas. From funny and fancy restaurant names to cultural references, we've got 194 ideas to help you find the ideal fit.  

One of the first things potential consumers will see about your restaurant is its name. It's also one of the first things they'll notice when looking for a spot to eat. That means it must be eye-catching and memorable. If your restaurant's name is boring or uninspired, customers are likely to dismiss it without thinking twice.  

On the other hand, a creative and original restaurant name can help you stand out from the crowd and get attention. A nice restaurant name may also grab people's interest in your business, leading them to visit.  

In short, a smart restaurant name can make a significant difference in the success of your restaurant business.  

How Do I Choose a Unique Restaurant Name?

Here's a quick rundown of how to choose a restaurant name or start coming up with choices.   

  1. Identify your restaurant's mission, vision, purpose, and core values.   
  2. To get creative, use a restaurant name generator.   
  3. Ask for restaurant name suggestions from your community.  
  4. Be specific and utilize your location.  

Restaurant Names to Inspire You

Cool Restaurant Names  

  1. Pulse Plates  
  2. SpiceCraft 
  3. Urban Bites  
  4. Frosted Flame Grill  
  5. Quantum Quisine  
  6. Eclipse Eats  
  7. Byte Bistro  
  8. Neon Nosh  
  9. Zenith Zest  
  10. Tasteful Trails 
  11. Ethereal Eateries  
  12. Pulse Plates  
  13. Bistro Bliss 
  14. IceBox Eats  
  15. Midnight Morsel  
  16. ZenZest 
  17. Polar Palate  
  18. Fusion Fare 
  19. Vibe Vine  
  20. MetroMunch  
  21. Nomad Nosh 
  22. Bite Boulevard 
  23. Bite Enclave 

Creative and Funny Restaurant Names  

  1. Punderful Plates 
  2. Fork in the Road Diner 
  3. The Cheeky Chef 
  4. Haute Dog Diner  
  5. Lord of the Fries  
  6. Not Your Grandpa’s Grill  
  7. Vincent Van Doughnut 
  8. Wok This Way 
  9. Grillin' & Chillin' Cafe 
  10. The Taco Trap 
  11. Poultry in Motion 
  12. Eat’s Funny  
  13. Nosh Pit  
  14. Wok and Roll  
  15. Grub’s Up!  
  16. Munch a Bunch  
  17. Lettuce Eat  
  18. Bread Pitt  
  19. The Dish Dash 
  20. The Funky Fork 
  21. Wing It Diner 
  22. Wrap-ture  
  23. Kale Me Maybe  
  24. Nacho Daddy  
  25. Lettuce Eat Bistro   
  26. Sconehenge Bakery & Café  
  27. Basic B Burgers  
  28. The Notorious P.I.G. BBQ  
  29. Whisk Me Away 
  30. Forklore 
  31. Let's Taco 'Bout It 

Cultural References  

Aside from offering outstanding food, one of the easiest ways to gain a cult following is to incorporate a pop culture reference into your brand. The name can then be used to carry out a concept throughout your restaurants. For fans of that particular piece of culture, your restaurant may become a destination spot – and a tremendous commercial boon. People are more likely to remember your restaurant's name if it is related to something they are already familiar with.  

Examples of restaurants that made cultural references are:  

  1. Happy Grillmore (from the film Happy Gilmore).  
  2. Lord of the Fried (from the novel Lord of the Flies).  
  3. Café Jack (named after Jack Dawson from Titanic).  
  4. Planet of the Crepes (from the book and film Planet of the Apes)  
  5. The Codfather (from The Godfather films)  
  6. Custard's Last Stand (Historical Reference)  
  7. 16 Handles (from the film 16 Candles).  
  8. Tequila Mockingbird (from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird). 
  9. Of Rice & Men (from the book Of Mice and Men) 
  10. The Hot and the Furious (from the film Fast and Furious)  
  11. Filled of Dreams (from the film Field of Dreams).  
  12. Earth, Wind, and Flour (by the band Earth, Wind, and Fire)  
  13. Lord of the Wings (based on both the novel and the film)  
  14. Eat Pray Love (a book)  
  15. Frying Nemo (from the film Finding Nemo).  
  16. Grillenium Falcon (from the Star Wars films).  
  17. Pita Pan (based on the fable Peter Pan)   
  18. The Notorious P.I.G. (referring to the late rapper Christopher Wallace)  
  19. Planet of Grapes (from the film Planet of the Apes)  
  20. Men At Work (the band's name)  


If pop culture references aren't your thing, what about puns? A clever play on words can help your business stand out, especially if the name relates to the food you serve. Here are a few excellent examples.  

  1. 21 & Cup 
  2. Let's Ketchup  
  3. The Brewseum  
  4. 9021PHO (Pho Restaurant)  
  5. Cheesy Does It (Grilled Cheese Food Truck)  
  6. Franktuary (a hot dog store situated in a former church)  
  7. Lettuce Eat (Salad Restaurant)  
  8. Nacho Daddy (a gourmet nacho spot)  
  9. Egglectic Cafe  
  10. Sun of a Bun  
  11. Basic Knead Pizza  
  12. Moon Wok  
  13. Sea you soon  
  14. Burgatory (burger restaurant with religious a theme)  
  15. Unphogettable  
  16. Dairy Godmother (Frozen Custard Shop)  
  17. Meat U There (a Filipino restaurant)  
  18. Eats Meets West  
  19. Award Wieners (Hot Dog Shop)  
  20. Jamaica Mi Krazy.  
  21. Party Fowl (Fried Chicken Joint)  
  22. Holy Mole (Mexican Restaurant)  
  23. Kale Me Crazy (Healthy Food Restaurant)  
  24. Thai and Mighty  
  25. Brewed Awakening (Coffee Shop in Michigan)  
  26. The Brewseum  

Rhyming and alliterative names 

Another element to consider when selecting a restaurant name is how easy it is to say and remember. If you want to increase word-of-mouth business, it helps if people remember your name. Restaurant names that rhyme or incorporate alliteration are enjoyable to say and easy to remember.   

  1. ZestZing Kitchen 
  2. MunchMate Diner 
  3. SavorySpot 
  4. Pig 'n' Pancake  
  5. Late Night Dine Right.  
  6. Chops and Hops  
  7. Pies & Thighs  
  8. Backyard Bowls  
  9. Mellow Mushroom  
  10. Wicked Wok  
  11. Slice of Spice  
  12. Pie In The Sky  
  13. Chop and Hops  
  14. Yummy in the tummy  
  15. Catchy Restaurant Names  
  16. ChowChampion Café 
  17. YumYard 
  18. Savory Symphony  
  19. TasteTrove Eatery 
  20. PalatePalooza 
  21. CrispCrave Café 
  22. Morsel Muse  
  23. Tantalize Tavern  
  24. Palate Parade  
  25. Bite Bright  
  26. Flavor Fiesta  
  27. Sizzle & Sip  
  28. Tasteful Tapestry  
  29. DineDesign  
  30. SavorStudio  
  31. NibbleNook 
  32. FlavorField Bistro 
  33. GrubGrove 

Seafood Restaurant Name Ideas  

  1. Seaside Sizzle 
  2. Tide & Table Seafood House 
  3. Seabreeze Bistro 
  4. Salt & Scale Seafood Kitchen 
  5. The Nautical Noshery 
  6. Fin & Flounder Feast 
  7. Deep Dive Dining.  
  8. Siren's Suppers  
  9. Mariner's Menu  
  10. Oceanic Ovation  
  11. Pescatarian Palace 
  12. Seafarer's Supper Club 
  13. Neptune's Noshing  
  14. Aquatic Appetite
  15. Oyster Oasis  
  16. Coral Café  
  17. Blue Bay Bites  
  18. Tidal Tastes 
  19. Pescatarian Palace  
  20. Coral Cove Cuisine 
  21. Anchors Away Eatery 
  22. Shellfish Shanty 
  23. Catch of the Tide 
  24. Maritime Munchies  
  25. Poseidon’s Plate  
  26. Surf ‘n Turf Tavern  
  27. Lagoon Lounge  
  28. Coastal Crave  
  29. Wave’s Wharf  
  30. Harbor Haven  

Bakery Names  

These bakery names are so cute, they'll have your customers lining up around the block!  

  1. CinnaMan’s Café   
  2. The Uprising Craft Bakery  
  3. Frosty Favorites 
  4. Bunnie Cakes  
  5. Sans Gluten Bakery  
  6. Mad batter bakers  
  7. George’s Ginger Emporium 
  8. A Dash of Sweet Bakery  
  9. Crumbl Cookies  
  10. Mindy’s Muffins  
  11. Prairie Boy Bread  
  12. Butter Galore  
  13. Flour Child Bakery & Café 
  14. Bakeology Café & Bakery  

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Pizza Restaurant Names  

Use these pizza restaurant names to stand out from the crowd.  

  1. Crust Culture 
  2. Mamma Mia's Pizzeria 
  3. Dough Daze Pizzeria 
  4. Pizza Pantheon 
  5. The Saucy Slice 
  6. Crispy Crust Cafe 
  7. Pizza Planet 
  8. Dough Divinity 
  9. Pie Panorama 
  10. Pizza Picasso 
  11. The Rustic Crust 
  12. Pinnacle Pizzeria  
  13. A Pizza Napoletana  
  14. The Sassy Slice  
  15. Pomo  
  16. Escape to Italy Pizzeria.  
  17. Brick Fire Tavern  
  18. Cheese Please Pizza  
  19. Cindy’s Cucina  
  20. La Leggenda Pizzeria  
  21. Mozza Heaven Pizza  
  22. Flour House  

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Fast Food Restaurant Name Ideas  

  1. QuickBite Express 
  2. Speedy Eats 
  3. Rapid Munchies 
  4. FastFuel Diner 
  5. The Crystal Table  
  6. The Mountain Chef  
  7. ZoomZest Fast Food 
  8. QuickCrave Cafe 
  9. SnapSnack Shack 
  10. The Central Garden  
  11. The Glass Duke  
  12. The Pink Faire  
  13. SwiftBite Bistro 
  14. TurboTaste Fast Food 
  15. RapidGrill 
  16. RushRations 
  17. BlazeBite Burgers 
  18. The Sweet Bistro  
  19. Nightowl  
  20. ExpressEats Eatery 
  21. ZippyZing Fast Food 
  22. SwiftSavor Snacks 
  23. Accelerate Bites 
  24. On-the-Go Grill 

Sushi Restaurant Name Ideas  

  1. The Sushi Bar  
  2. Sushi Time  
  3. Rolling Sushi  
  4. All You Can Eat Sushi  
  5. Samurai Sushi  
  6. Geisha Sushi  
  7. Maki Mania
  8. Nori Nirvana 
  9. Roll Rhapsody 
  10. Umami Universe 
  11. Sushi Saga 
  12. Nigiri Nook 
  13. Bamboo Bites 
  14. Sushi Skyline 
  15. Dragon Roll Delight 
  16. Sushi Samurai 
  17. Ninja Sushi  
  18. Sumo Sushi  
  19. Emperor's Table  
  20. Shogun's Palace  
  21. Tokyo Sushi  
  22. Osaka Sushi  
  23. Kyoto Sushi  
  24. Jiro Dreams of Sushi  
  25. Nobu  
  26. Matsuhisa  
  27. Urasawa  
  28. Tsunami Tastes 
  29. Seaweed Serenity 
  30. Bento Bliss Sushi House 


These are only a few ideas to help you get started on coming up with the right restaurant name. Remember to be creative and have fun with it!