How to Design Restaurant Flyers That Boost Sales?

Today, transactions happen online. Thus, digital marketing determines the success of a business. Food outlets operate from their digital spaces (websites and apps) generating nearly half of their revenue from online transactions. 

With such sophisticated online marketing techniques creating an impactful difference, is a paper flyer really significant? Would paper flyers belonging to the by-gone era really help restaurants reach modern customers? 

Flyers are as important as a website for restaurants. Let us now have a look at how to make restaurant flyers and marketing handouts stay unique in the highly competitive industry. 

How To Make Restaurant Flyers: Great Tips For Flyer Creation To Attract New Customers:

i) Attention Grabbing Appearance:

Flyers must contain a snappy title. Using words like ‘Free’, ‘Discover’, ‘Special’, etc. will help grab customers' attention in an instant. By using bright and colorful graphics, images and illustrations, one can enhance the success ratio of such marketing activities.

ii) Use Alluring Discounts:

A restaurant pamphlet when coupled with an attractive coupon or code, discount, information about deals and offers, etc. will always work magic. This will also induce existing customers to come back for a discounted meal. When the offer is for a limited period, people are usually encouraged to make use of it.

iii) Target Niche Customers:

Flyers must target the crowd that is located around the food outlet. For example, if there are many corporate complexes around your restaurant, offer lunch at discounted prices. If you run a fast food business, introduce a budget menu to drive in college students. Such customized services for niche audiences will provide a great fillip to marketing strategies.

iv) Deliver Appropriately:

Restaurants must use appropriate delivery channels to get the message across. While flyers can be given directly as handouts to customers along with the bill, they can also be distributed as newspaper inserts. The local newspaper delivery agent might charge you nominally for getting this done. But, your flyers are sure to reach everyone’s doorstep without any hindrance. Creating professional tie-ups with grocery stores and supermarkets will also help as they will allow restaurants to place flyers at their billing desk for free. 

Compelling Reasons To Adopt Flyer Marketing Immediately

Here are some compelling reasons to help you understand why flyers form an important part of a restaurant’s marketing technique:

i) Catering To The Needs Of Digitally Unaccustomed Customers:

Even in 2022, there still remains a section of the population that is not comfortable in engaging with brands through digital platforms like websites or apps. To cater to the needs of this audience and effectively communicate with them, one needs to use physical flyers. Elderly people would prefer having a look at the menu in a printed format and ordering over the phone. Restaurants might lose out a major portion of their earnings if they fail to accommodate this population that is not adept in using the Internet.

ii) A Cost Effective Mode:

Digital marketing mediums are not absolutely free. Social media platforms like Facebook have drastically reduced the organic reach to 2%. Bringing it down to a complete zero is also not very far away making it mandatory for restaurants to spend a considerable amount for gaining online visibility. Food apps also charge restaurants abnormally to garner sales. Choosing the broadcast media is also very expensive. But, a printed flyer is a restaurant’s own space. He can exercise complete control over what message gets printed on it and how it is done. The same design can be used over and over again. So, not much investment is needed.

What Should I Put On A Restaurant Flyer - Flyer Ideas That Work

Since colors and textures play an important role in making people feel hungry and induced to make orders, a restaurant flyer must be tempting and stay in the minds of customers. Just by looking at it, people should start drooling. Use the following ideas to ensure that your flyers increase foot and organic traffic to your restaurant.

i) A Design That Strikes:

A flyer must be designed only by keeping the audience in mind. Keep in mind their demographics – who are they, their age, their preferences, how to create something that they like, etc. 

It is quite simple to create a visualization of the present customer base. This can be done by segmenting them according to their age, interests and the nature of food they frequently order. With this, the restaurant can easily identify the profitable population groups and the ones that do not require persuasion. Once that is done, use intelligent references to elements that your target audience finds appealing and interesting. Fonts and visual cues will instantly connect them with your message. 

ii) Focus And Highlight:

A flyer is like a shop’s window. Restaurants must not dump the space with information but only focus and highlight on a seasonal selection of the restaurant’s signature offerings. Also, avoiding the use of currency signs is important as people must not make decisions based on the prices, but according to the cuisines offered. 

iii) Template Selection:

One must pay attention to five things while selecting a template – background, color palette, fonts (with size), image-text proportion and overall feel of the flyer. The background on the restaurant flyer can either be monochrome or a texture-based one reminding people of the natural ingredients used for your cooking like wooden choppers or stone hand mortars. Of late, people are extensively using a chalkboard background for creating a striking contrast. As far as a flyer design is concerned, less is more. So, keeping the design simple will be extremely rewarding.

Although the text must be kept to a bare minimum, it is very important to use the right kind of fonts. The flyer must contain a combination of at least two fonts that compliment each other and also align with the brand, logo and other prominent forms of communication like the menu.

The color scheme on the flyer must always stick to the logo or brand identity that the restaurant wants to create or one that the restaurant has already created for itself. This color palette can be occasionally altered based on the needs of the event. Use colors that psychologically trigger hunger. Since food sales are greatly influenced by color, restaurants must cautiously stay away from blue tones. 

Types Of Flyers:

There are several readymade flyer templates that can be used – based on the occasion or requirement.

i) Holiday Flyers:

Restaurants must make complete use of the holiday events calendar. No holiday should go unnoticed or unattended. Example – Christmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s day, Fourth of July, etc. Holiday flyers can be used to tell people about the special offers available on such holidays.

ii) Event Flyers:

These templates are meant to promote events where your food will be served. Example – live music, business inaugurations, trivia nights, etc.

iii) Informative Flyers:

These flyers are meant to keep customers informed and updated about the latest menu changes, new work hours, change in location, new kitchen or new, newer amenities, etc.

Restaurant Flyer Template Samples

i) Burger Restaurant Flyer Template:

This template is absolutely perfect for a burger joint. It uses bright colors, apt graphics and texts to attract the reader. Using such templates for designing flyers will save restaurateurs from creating things from scratch. They are also available in several formats. So, downloading, designing and printing can be done in no time.

ii) Fast Food Flyer Template:

This template helps achieve a great balance between textual content and images. The design is appropriate for fast food serving restaurants. It can be downloaded on any device with great ease.

iii) Cooking Flyer Template:

If the restaurant is going to conduct a cooking demonstration, this is the ideal template to use. The dark background and light colored text help communicate the message through a minimalistic design.

So, get started with your restaurant flyer designing process right away. Get in touch with Restaurantify if you need further professional guidance.