Everything You Need to Know About Online Ordering Systems for Take-out

While the hospitality industry was one of the most affected  during the pandemic, some hotels and restaurants came through completely or almost unscathed. Why? They adapted and innovated quickly and effectively by leveraging technology and social media to continue to serve good food and entertainment during one of the hardest times in history. 

An example of this is how restaurants came up with ways to serve their patrons in innovative ways including contact-less ordering, take-out, and delivery system! 

BUT, did you know that 3rd party online delivery for restaurant & delivery service providers charge upto 20% in commissions?! 

Here’s how you can do what they do yourself and not only save money but also earn a new marketing and sales channel: 

All you need to effectively implement an online ordering system to create a simple restaurant website to integrate your ordering system into, a POS system for the online ordering system to connect with, and a secure direct payment system! 

You wanna know more about how having your own online ordering system for take-out and delivery can help you restaurant business boom and how easy it is to build and integrate? Here’s an article on 6 reasons to move your take-out ordering process online.