Innovative Restaurant Logo Design Trends for 2023

While starting a business, one of the most challenging aspects is to find a logo that fits extremely well for the image that the restaurant owner wants to create for the business.

While food with good quality, taste, and good service leaves a lasting impact, ensuring that customers keep coming back for more, an attractive restaurant logo also benefits the restaurant by making heads turn in the first place.

A logo is a first and foremost image that comes to the mind of the customer the moment they think of the brand.

It is, therefore, important to design and use a restaurant logo that suits the brand, is unique, draws attention, and boosts the image. Using it on  one’s own restaurant website gives the logo and the brand greater mileage.

Restaurant owners must spend considerable time to know about the basic logo design principles before setting out to design one for their restaurant.

Keep It Simple

While designing a logo design for their business, restaurant owners must take cues from famous brands like Nike. This is because a simple logo is easy to remember, recollect and recognize when used in any format like print, web, or other types of media. It also becomes easy to use the logo in all sizes and requires minimal modifications.

Keep It Memorable

The logo must be unique and memorable so that it is convenient for customers to distinguish the business from that of the competitors.

The Logo Must Stand The Test Of Time

Good restaurant logo designs are meant for eternity. They do not require any changes even when design trends change.

Keep It Industry Appropriate

The restaurant logo must be ideal for the type of restaurant and also the characteristics of the target audience. Only this will attract the right kind of customers to the restaurant.

Choose The Right Name

Naming the restaurant also requires attention as it should tell customers what to expect from the restaurant, be memorable and also help beat the competition.

How To Come Up With Restaurant Logo Ideas Properly?

Restaurant owners need not undertake the trial and error method to get a good restaurant logo ready. There are shortcuts to the process as below:

  • It is good to get things from the horse’s mouth. Instead of giving or asking the designer for suggestions, it is always better to ask the clients their preferences.
  • One can look at the designs of popular restaurants, try to understand the strategy that they have used, and implement the same for one’s own restaurant.

The Fundamentals Of Restaurant Logo Design

Since the process of developing a restaurant logo can be intimidating for someone new to the process, we have provided a little crash course for those looking for quick guidance.

Logo design is a graphic design that is a perfect visual balance and representation of aesthetics, composition, color theory, typography, artistic skill, branding, and marketing.

Choose The Perfect Restaurant Name

A restaurant can be named after oneself or also refer to the type of cuisine served. One can also get creative while deciding on the name of the restaurant. Whatever the name may be, the logo must be designed in a way to complement and enhance it. Together, they must set a mood that perfectly reflects the brand’s identity. The restaurant logo could illustrate the restaurant’s name directly or even give the name an intricate meaning

Design For Your Brand 

The most successful restaurant logos are the ones that best represent the brand. Bright colors, bold fonts, and script typography may suit a high-energy brand well. But the same pattern would not suit a relaxed brand. So, restaurant owners must keep in mind the brand identity that they wish to create while getting the logo design ready.

Know Your Colors, Shapes And Typography

Every color and shape creates a different psychological effect and triggers different emotions. Black logos reflect sophistication while logos built with circular designs induce a feeling of friendliness. This holds good for typography as well. Serifs are usually formal while sans serifs are used for casual brands. Every design decision impacts the brand either positively or negatively.

Use Popular Energizing Colors

You might have noticed that several renowned fast foods and diners use red in their brand color. This is in no way a coincidence. Red is used on purpose as it is a color that helps stimulate appetite.

On the other hand, blue and the shades that belong to it are appetite suppressants. So, it is rare to see them on logos of diners or food companies. Using warm colors like red, orange, pink, yellow, etc. is always suitable for restaurants.

So use colors that subconsciously compel potential customers to give the restaurant a try. Black, green, brown and other such color gradients work perfectly for restaurants.

Since we are designing a restaurant logo, it is important that irrespective of the color chosen it needs to be used well on all visuals like websites, wordmarks, icons, banners, and much more.

How To Pick The Right Font

If the logo has text, it is essential to choose the right kind of font. The most important criteria include the following:

  • The font must be legible and always stay readable on logos of any size.
  • The font must match the icon. (Tip: Massive fonts like After Disaster, Europe, Garamond, etc. match well with massive icons.)
  • The font must not have hand-written fonts, fancy scrolls or small details as it makes the font difficult to read on logos of smaller sizes. (Tip: Use fonts like Micra, MigistraIC, etc.)

Creative Restaurant Logo Designs To Inspire You

Here is a compilation of some of the best restaurant logos that restaurateurs can use to learn from:

Call Me Burger

This business takes pride in exclaiming its brand identity really loud. The logo of this fast food restaurant clearly conveys that they focus only on making gourmet burgers. This minimalistic, yet cool logo has an exclamation mark and a flowy handwritten typography making it memorable too

Bouldin Creek Cafe 

The logo of this coffee shop has a three-dimensional look. Although unconventional, the retro, flowy serifs, beautifully balanced colors, and emblems make it successful.

Nonna Nostra

The name of this Italian restaurant means “Our Grandma”. The logo has a simple, yet playful logotype along with lovely serifs and a color palette that is colorful and youthful. The additional illustrations only make the logo more powerful.

Sala Blanca

This is a brand that allows its customers to enjoy its food in a spacious and light oasis setup. So, it has kept its logo minimalist, yet great. The logo encompasses a subtle serif font in white or golden color. The other elements of the logo reflect a stylish, feminine character making the logo an asset for the brand.


The logo of this now-closed fish bar in Moscow is made up of some funky typography choices with a Cyrillic logotype. The bigger width of the “O” and the way “A” give the logo an aquatic character and the color palette used is distinctively maritime.


This restaurant logo is a classic example of how even the simplest form of graphic design can be converted into a powerful communication. The clean serif font with the dot of the alphabet ‘i’ bouncing to the left, the simple lowercase wordmark design gains rhythm and movement.

Best Restaurant Logos In The Industry


The logo design of this restaurant is simple. But, it makes a big statement. Yellow color is used to fill in the ‘O’ alphabets in the name making it resemble egg yolks. The definition provided below the name is a clever component of the fun name.

Leafy Fresh

This logo is exemplary of the way color connects to food. Since this restaurant focuses on fresh, healthy vegetables, the deep green used on the logo helps the customer to instantly connect to the ethos of the business.

Wells Coffee

This graphic could be confusing for some, but it works really well for the brand because of the tagline provided underneath. The image gives people a clear idea of what this business is all about – a passionate coffee shop focusing on sustainability and serving customers with the best-sourced, most delicious coffee.

Famous Restaurant Logos

It is always a good idea to look at the logos of competitors or other restaurants for inspiration. Here is a collection of some of the best restaurant logos from around the world. These logos have stood the test of time and their success is inspirational.

5 Of The Coolest Restaurant Logos We Have Ever Seen

Nelmare Sushi 

The logo of this sushi restaurant is downright simple and conveys the message directly without being too obvious at the same time.

Centro Pizzeria

This simple and eye-catching orange logo of Centro pizzeria has nailed the business’ core concept by using strategic color choices.

La Brea Meat & Wine

This logo uses a couple of popular and classic fonts to make the logo unique and beautiful.


This logo clearly tells customers its story – that it was established in 1983 by John & Co and sells tasty burgers.

The Tower

The earthly colors and the pencil sketch of the corporate building in this logo clearly let customers know that it is an ideal place for people to dine with their clients and have formal meetings in a pleasant manner.

This blog about restaurant logo designs would have been a great guide along with stunning examples of successful logos. If you are a restaurant owner looking for more assistance with digital marketing for your restaurant, get in touch.