Restaurant Opening Checklist - From Opening to Marketing

Restaurant Opening Checklist-From Opening to Marketing

The advent of digitalization has expanded the landscape of the restaurant business rapidly. Starting a new restaurant is an exciting but also an overwhelming undertaking. A study found that 20 percent of restaurants make a profit in their first year of business.

You can be a part of that 20%, all you need is an organized approach that will ensure you don’t miss any crucial steps.

We’ve come up with a simple guide or checklist to help you with that to help you from set-up to opening day to tracking day-to-day functioning and long-term operational goals.

Keep this restaurant checklist handy to start a profitable restaurant business! 

Choose a Unique Restaurant Concept

A restaurant concept is an overall idea or theme that defines the restaurant. So your restaurant should already have a firm concept, which includes the menu's design, service style, dining room decor, and of course the style of food. 

Consistency and adherence to a specific theme are important, consider varying your menu to appeal to as many different sorts of diners as you can.

Settle on a Brand and Design

All the research and homework you’ve put in would’ve left you with a name in mind if you didn’t have one already! The visual language and design of your space will help you conceptualize, ideate, and design the logo.

A few things to keep in mind when deciding on a name and logo: 

  • Make it as minimalist as possible 
  • It must be easy to remember and recollect 
  • Make sure there are associations between the logo and elements of the restaurant
  • It must be scalable and replicable 

Purchase a Website Domain

Whether you are planning to digitally market your business or not, when someone searches for your restaurant, you don’t want some random domain with your business name to show up. So, as soon as you settle on a name, purchase a website domain for your brand.

Having said that, Creating an online presence for your establishment is one necessary factor to focus on, as it increases the professional credibility, separates you from other websites out there, and makes your restaurant easier to find. Remember, building a restaurant website is not as daunting a task as it used to be. 

Build Your Restaurant Menu

It's important to let customers know what kind of food your restaurant serves as beautifully as possible. 

All meals, beverages, and specials must be listed on the restaurant's menu. Your menu can be made deliciously appetizing with high-quality photos that present the dishes in the best possible light along. 

Get Cracking on Marketing

Good marketing plans make the company look smart, marketing checklist happens to be one among them. A marketing checklist helps you break down an intricate marketing initiative into simple items in a checklist and also helps in creating a comprehensive plan for a marketing initiative. 

Implement marketing plans to keep track of key marketing activities with the use of a marketing checklist.

Create Your Google Business Profile

When someone near you searches for a place to eat, you want to show up. Google business profile helps you do just that. It also increases your online visibility and makes it easier for customers to find you and leave reviews. Be sure to keep your profile updated with the latest photos and offers!

Invest in High-quality Food Photography

Our attention is more readily attracted to pictures as they inject color and character and when it comes to food, people want to see what they are going to order and be coaxed by the delicious-looking images. Feature the promotion on a large poster and flyer.  

Keep the poster and flyer more generic and alluring.

Search Engine Optimized Website

An optimized website will boost traffic to your website and also helps convert visitors into prospects and customers.  Generating traffic on your restaurant website is quite an accomplishment. It's the first thing you should focus on if you want your online orders to skyrocket. 

But it is easier said than done. 

Why? Studies show that sites on Page 1 of Google SERPs receive over 95% of all web traffic, with results on the second page receiving less than 6% of all website clicks. This is why landing on the first search page is so important.

Stay Active on Social Media

Post consistently on your social media accounts. This can help your brand retain your current audience, entice new followers, and gather fresh leads. 

For instance, including hashtags in your Instagram posts might broaden your target market and enhance your reach.

Posting your daily special on your social media accounts together with scrumptious images to arouse their appetite can bring in hungry guests who initially discover your brand through social media, then head to your website to find out more.

To sum up, digital restaurant opening checklists are the key if you’re interested in creating more efficient, reliable, and compliant operations.