All-In-One Online platform that caters
to all the needs of restaurateurs.

Our integrated platform streamlines restaurant operations by combining website creation,
order management, inventory control, and engagement for restaurateurs.

50+ Bespoke Website Designs for Restaurants!

Dominate the digital world with Restaurantify's sleek website designs, boasting a
user-friendly layout that delivers essential information with seamless precision.

How Restaurantify elevates restaurants

Here are the top online services we offer to uplift your restaurant!


Get Started with your
restaurant website!

It is important not to rush when creating a
restaurant website. Getting it right requires a
lot of thought.

Choose Template

Find your perfect fit with our vast selection of
customizable templates, designed to
help you shine online.

Customize Website

Unleash the full potential of your website by
leveraging our creative website-building services, which
include essential tweaking tactics, and watch your online presence soar.

Add Menu and Dishes

Whet your customers' appetite and keep them coming
back for more with our easy-to-use menu
and dish-adding features!

Set Up Features

Setting up Restaurantify is straightforward. You
can choose to set up custom features and order management yourself
or get customized assistance from our team.


Expand your reach and establish a dominant online
presence with our cutting-edge marketing tools, reaching
diverse audiences with ease.

Intrinsic Features of
Our Restaurant Websites

Here are the essential elements of our restaurant websites and services, that empower restaurants to operate
at their full potential, generating exceptional online and offline sales.

Digital Menu

– Make a user-friendly digital menu.
– Mark up digital menus on the website for unique
dietary needs.
– Provide time-based menus on the website that
are activated at the right time of day.

Table Reservation

– Obtain direct reservations from the website.
– Deliver email confirmations and reminders to
– Display the duration of holding tables and the
maximum group size.

Online Ordering

– Manage consumer orders placed via the website.
– Commission-free online ordering system.
– Provide delivery and pick-up options.
– Secure payment methods.

Digital Marketing

– Email marketing
– Linking social media handles to the website
Offering coupons and discounts to boost sales.

Restaurants made easy,

With our simple and affordable solution, you can
create a professional and visually appealing online presence for
your restaurant business.

From simple menu and contact information
websites to more complex sites with online ordering and reservation options,
our restaurant website templates have it all.

Need help developing the finest website for your restaurant?
Here we are to help!

To learn more about our talented creative team and how we can help you, contact us.

Privacy Policy | Terms of use | © Restaurantify, Inc. 2023 All Rights Reserved

Privacy Policy | Terms of use |© Restaurantify, Inc.2023 All Rights Reserved