Tips to Choose the Perfect Restaurant Advertising Strategy

Delicious, nutritious food alone will not help restaurateurs win the battle. Prospective and new customers must be regularly reminded of the restaurant’s existence in order to maintain a steady flow of customers. This can be achieved by advertising – a means to always stay on top of customers’ minds. Rather than relying on paid means, restaurants can build their own website and use the medium as a DIY marketing agency to work magic amidst customers.

Advertising is mandatory at every stage of a restaurant’s life cycle. Whether it is a grand opening, an anniversary celebration, or just a reopening after refurbishment, it calls for an advertising message that informs and attracts.

New restaurants advertise to let people know that a new dining space has begun operations in their locality. It also permits potential customers to gain insights about the culinary offerings of the restaurant.

Even if the restaurant has been operational for some time, advertising acts as a constant reminder for diners to choose the brand over that of the competitors.

Advertising helps boost sales during dull seasons and also spread word about new menu offerings. Digital means of advertising facilitate restaurants to target demographic-specific target audiences.

How Does an Advertisement Poster Help Your Brand

Making an advertisement poster is not just about compiling information or presenting an appealing visual design to impress, convince or persuade people. An advertisement poster offers great scope for a restaurant while designing an elaborate advertising campaign.

Poster Sizes 

A0: 841 X 1189 mm

A1: 594 X 841 mm

A2: 420 X 594 mm

A3: 297 X 420 mm

A4: 210 X 297 mm

With so many available sizes, restaurants enjoy greater flexibility in printing poster and displaying it at places of their choice.

For instance, an A3 size poster is apt for indoor advertising, particularly for a target audience frequenting a shopping mall whereas an A2 or A1 poster is ideal for outdoor advertising and helps you reach out to people in high-traffic areas.

Long-term Visibility

Although there are plenty of formats in print advertising, they do not provide a great shelf life. Newspaper advertisements, for instance, reach the target audience for just a single day. While only prominent newspaper ads attract attention, the others are most often lost in the crowd.

Unlike newspaper ads, an advertisement poster (when placed in a public spot) gains round-the-clock prominence until it is removed. It helps in repetitive persuasion leading to a change in the minds of customers.

Build Brand Authority

Brand authority is the expertise a company or brand enjoys within its specific industry or niche. When people begin trusting a brand as a sole and trustworthy expert in serving its product, it is a sign that the company has achieved brand authority.

Establishing brand authority is the key to securing and enhancing customer trust. It also helps derive maximum results from the marketing and advertising campaigns.

For an advertising poster to achieve great success, it must be unique and also remind people instantly of the brand. While designing a poster, it is also important to remember that people are concerned only about the core message and the value proposition before they decide to buy.

Types of Marketing Strategies for Restaurant Advertising

Social Media Ads 

Social media platforms are the most trendy, cost-effective, and successful form of online advertising for a restaurant these days.

Restaurants can make use of social networks like Instagram, Facebook ads, etc. to post and promote their offerings through high-quality, visually appealing, and enticing photographs of their culinary offerings.

While using social media for restaurant advertising, it is essential to have a robust social media marketing strategy – the tools for which can be obtained from social media agencies themselves. This will ensure greater reach and lead generation.

Geo-Targeted Ads 

Google offers this online advertising facility to businesses. By promoting restaurant advertisements on a location target basis using Google Ads, the business enjoys the freedom to choose countries, areas within a country, the target location radius, location groups like business location, tiered demographics, places of interest, etc.

Video Content Ads

Restaurants can also make use of alluring audio-visuals for advertising their brand through video mediums like YouTube. The advantage is that it is very less expensive and can be used to market literally anything – new menu offerings, festive offers, promotions, etc. Restaurants can also hire a YouTube advertising agency to generate quality content.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards still continue to work magic for restaurants in their advertising arena.

Branded Items

Every single item handed over to the customer – from a paper cup, and carry bag to tissue paper is a powerful branding weapon. They have the potential of getting free advertising done for the restaurant. So, restaurants must add much more than a logo on items that reach customers’ hands. For example, a QR code to an online menu can be offered to customers which they can browse during their next purchase. The restaurant website id can be provided for customers to visit and win a discounted meal or for them to write their online reviews.

Creating an Amazing Restaurant Website and Online Menu

The only online medium over which a restaurant has complete control is its own website. So, when you decide to build a restaurant website, the first thing you must keep in mind is online ordering as a simple and effective online ordering system has the potential to doubly increase your orders and profits. Place Call-To-Action buttons at prominent spots on the homepage of the restaurant website so that customers are encouraged to take action.

Great Food Advertisement Examples

Jif Peanut Butter 

Jif uses a digital ad to catch the attention of an audience scrolling lethargically. In this ad, Jif uses its signature colors along with a beating heart to communicate the love that the world must feel for this brand of peanut butter.


In this ad on Twitter, Goldfish uses a narrative video to narrate a classic tale of two little fish who drank too much. This food advertisement is funny, creative, and also short and sweet – making it perfect for a Twitter feed.

No Frills

This Canadian supermarket chain is known for its meme-worthy content across their social media channels. In this Facebook ad, No Frills uses the most popular “Expectation Vs Reality” meme to advertise their in-house pancake batter brand.


Clevr Food Advertisement uses this to display its tea varieties like Matcha Chai Latte and Chai Super Latte beverages. Minimal usage of color and simple movement makes this ad visually appealing, evoking tranquility and calm. This ad can be used on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Panera Bread

This ad on Facebook by Panera Bread uses the visual potential of great food as an advertisement. The image is so delectable that one can almost taste what is displayed in the advertisement. It also uses a Call-To-Action in the end guiding people into purchasing its delicious macaroni.

Burger King

In this ad on Twitter, Burger King compares its chicken fries with a few essential human traits. The custom graphic design makes the ad humorous and eye-catching. Even people scrolling down will slow down a second to stare at these chicken fries and be motivated to buy them.


In its 60th year of successful business, the American classic used this ad on Twitter to thank its loyal customers for their patronage. This stylish ad uses music, design, and graphics along with creative copy to engage the audience. The ad also carries a message about a surprise announcement that is available only on a certain date. Such deadline-driven messages create a sense of urgency making people act instantaneously.

Taco Bell

In 2015, this brand started campaigning for a taco emoji to be included in the emoji dictionary. So, Taco Bell created an advertising campaign and also began petitioning the emoji creators, Unicode Consortium, for their emoji cause. It is because of this campaign that we have a taco emoji today. This was definitely the most passionate, humorous, and memorable creative marketing campaign in the industry.

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