Utmost Need to Have a Perfect Restaurant Website

Utmost Need to Have a Perfect Restaurant Website: An Ultimate Brief From Restaurantify

You know very too well that the whole world is online. A powerful online presence is the greatest contemporary need if you are an owner of any business, be it a restaurant business or a gold merchant. However, if you are a restaurant business owner, then you must know how important it is to have a stunning website created for your restaurant, because you also know the rush of competition going on in the food industry.

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic gripped over the world, you know minimal contact food delivery plays a significant role. Online food business is seeing more surge than ever, so, in order to implement it, you need a bespoke and an eye-catching website.

This is the point where the best restaurant website builder in the market, Restaurantify, comes into the scene, and exposes you, as an awesome professional restaurateur to the online world. Well, before making you famous, let’s delve deep into a few self-analyzing queries, and as a restaurateur you need the right answers.

So let’s begin with the self-searching quest or probably a quest to greater online success.

1. It’s Very Costly to Build a Website for a Restaurant Business, and You Have a Steady Stream of Customers. Would It Still Be Necessary to Have a Professional Website for Online Presence?

Answer From Our Restaurant Professionals:

”Yes" or “no" might be the case here. Just cease reading this piece of blog and just get back to your restaurant, as your restaurant is always full of customers, food enthusiasts and you don't want more. However, if you want to entice as many customers as possible or are keen on expanding your business, and become the greatest, just read on, for the answer is always yes. Yes! You'll need the finest restaurant website.

It goes without saying that any reputable restaurant deserves a better website. As per studies, 81% of consumers look for a restaurant online before visiting it for the very first time. 88 percent of people who search up a restaurant online hope to visit that particular restaurant on the very same day. And approximately 85% of people believe that the web reviews and customer ratings are equally trustworthy as it is the firsthand suggestion.

2. So You Don't Accept Orders Online or Reservations, and You Don't Do Events. So, Why Should You Construct a Website?

Answer From Our Restaurant Professionals:

So, you might not offer any kind of extra services aside from serving your customers, but still is your restaurant a unique destination? Have you ever had a dinner remark to you, “I stopped here just because…"? 

It is well stated that every year, more than 57 percent of individuals use Google and other online search engines to plan their vacations, which always involve lodging, dining, and purchasing. Do you really want your business to be one of their options? 

A well-designed, seo optimized, user-experience focused website will provide you a significant competitive edge and provide a positive boost to the revenue generation and a sky-rocketing growth of your business.

3. Important Things That Define Your Restaurant’s Website:

It must be noted that your restaurant’s website needs to have 3 utmost important things namely,

A creative homepage, a well-crafted menu page and a thoughtful contact us page, let us have a look on each one of these.

i) The Homepage of Your Restaurant:

The homepage of your restaurant is the core gateway, thus it has to be well-designed, innovative and convenient to explore. You must add important and valuable information, like that of the operating hours of your restaurant, adequate links to your restaurant’s menus. Your restaurant's name and the restaurant’s logo should also be prominently featured.

ii) The Menu Page of the Restaurant:

You would really like to ensure that the menu of the restaurant is easily readable and understandable to guests. Customers should never be required to download your menu as a Template or file, since this will force visitors to depart your site. Rather, have special programmes integrated into your website that present your menu options in a more impressive way.

iii) The Restaurant’s Contact Us Page:

The main intent of your restaurant’s contact page is for the benefit of your customers, who must be able to reach you through your site when they have any queries or problems with their food. You must also include a lot more important details on your contact us page like,

  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are examples of social media accounts. 
  • Opening and closing times.
  • Quick response option to customer feedback.
  • Excellent customer testimonials.

The Need for a Proper Domain Name, Dedicated Web Hosting's and the Charges for SSL Certificate:

The first thing required for your website, the domain name is essentially the internet or the web address for your website. You must pay a little amount for registration as a fee and purchase a domain name from a domain registrar to become the proprietor or the owner of that particular domain name. The price will vary depending on the brand name that you select. 

A web hosting, as given on the other hand, gives space on a server for your website. Depending on your budget and the storage space requirements, you may choose between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

The SSL certification is required for websites that store the highly important and sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers or private details such as contact information. If you want to secure critical customer information on your site, you'll need to get an SSL certificate.

Costs Incurred for Building a Restaurant:

Creating a high-end website for a restaurant doesn’t come cheap. Apart from the cost the creation a restaurant website comes in 4 important parts namely:

  • The design of the website
  • The coding language and features
  • The testing phase and finally 
  • The release

The real price for building a restaurant website is estimated by doing a multiplication on the total hours spent, on the cost incurred for an hour. In the United States and the United Kingdom, many top businesses and web development agencies operate the task at around  $300 for an hour. It must also be noted that the mean hourly rate is over $100. As a result, the typical cost spent for constructing a restaurant website varies anywhere from $4,000, to more than $16,000.

It is a well documented fact that every restaurant differs from one another, and that each must have its distinctive website. We realize and accomplish this at Restaurantify, because you can develop a website in under 5 minutes and it does not cost a fortune, as described before. In the world of restaurateurs, sloppy websites and designs have no place.

So, you have that terrific 20,000-followers for your Facebook page and a fabulous 50,000-followers on Instagram account. You are indeed awesome, so What then is the importance of having a website here? 

By far the most essential justification for keeping a website is that, while Fb pages and Instagram accounts regularly appear prominently in Google, Search engines still tend to prefer Facebook pages and Instagram accounts behind online sites and regional listings. If somebody is seeking your business by name, your social media platforms will be easy to locate. 

However, don't expect all prospective customers searching for “best Indian restaurant in New Jersey '' to reach your business exactly, as with the case of the successful Mrs. Kumar’s, our prestigious online champion restaurant from New Jersey. 

For the argument, we have a handful of explanations why restaurants really shouldn't rely solely on Facebook and Instagram posts for a greater business and revenue generation, but we believe these have not sufficed or shed light on the fact we discussed above. In light of the foregoing, we may conclude that embracing social networking sites does not provide you complete control over the process. An Instagram post or a Facebook page with just little data and important information about your restaurant business and freshly- posted quirky posts is not the same as establishing your personal website that is under the complete control of yours and your management.

Important Aspects to Examine While Developing Your Restaurant's Website:

  • Because visitors like websites that load quickly, you may improve your page performance by using several extensions that are specifically intended to optimize page load time. 
  • Because PDF files take much longer to display on smartphones, provide a Html document of the menu. 
  • Geography (Google Maps) and operation hours are also clearly stated. 
  • The website must be mobile-friendly. It implies that customers may access it from any device, including computers, cellphones, and tablets. It ought to be easily readable on all screens. 
  • It should be appealing to the eye. Users will form an indelible impression based on the appearance and design of the restaurant website. So, while it's important to utilize suitable visual appearance, font size, and other elements, don't go overboard with wacky color combinations and graphics.

The Best Website Builder to Create Your Perfect Restaurant Website:

With Restaurantify, the best restaurant builder in the market, you are always assured of having a stunning website in a matter of no time. Restaurantify offers seamless features that are not available with any of our competitors, because we are only here for restaurateurs. Just click here to find out why?

Some of our top-notch features include

  • Unlimited Orders
  • No Commission Per Order
  • No Contract Or Set-Up Fee
  • Absolutely No Other Hidden Costs

The Pricing:

Restaurantify believes each and every client is important and that is why we offer a wide range of services, customized website templates and many features for a price that is a fraction of the amount charged by the hefty web development companies that might cost you a fortune.


Sadly, a large majority of the websites created for restaurants are still inefficient and are not user-friendly. Many of the websites appear to be very ungainly and unprofessional with their templates derived from models from more than a decade ago, created by shady web agencies feasting on the unsuspecting.

It is noted that even if the customer’s dining experience is fantastic, the foodie folks and internet users appear to be more savvy than ever before. These intelligible customers and users are very less inclined to accept a below par web experience.

To be honest, our Restaurantify team feels that there can be no sympathy for subpar websites among restaurateurs, which is why we strive to design the greatest websites possible for our clients.