Why Do Restaurants Need a Good Online Ordering System? Top 7 Reasons to Know

Digitalization is currently the greatest trend and we are living in an integrated digital system! And the important aspect that we've learned throughout the process of this development is that we can get everything we need now with mere touches on our cherished smartphones. This includes a broad range of dishes and cuisine of all types, to satisfy our various desires on alternating occasions every week. It's truly such an exciting time currently, that there's plenty to go around, irrespective of being a consumer or a provider.

Currently, customers have come to assume restaurants permit them to make purchases digitally in face of changing circumstances. If you are a restaurateur and haven't yet jumped on board with that powerful online ordering system that boosts your restaurant, you are potentially losing out on so many fantastic prospects to achieve your business goals immensely.

So, it can be said that you need a perfect restaurant website design that compliments your online ordering system. So, let’s have a look into 7 fantastic reasons for having that powerful online ordering system that would highly benefit your restaurant.

1. Facilitates for a Streamlined Ordering System:

Customers have been used to making orders over the phone or going to restaurants for takeaway. When completing an order over the phone, there is a chance that the purchase will be incorrect. Shifting to online selling is the greatest answer since it optimizes business functions.

The normal routine activities of the restaurant can be improved by using an online ordering system. Whenever a consumer opts for an online purchase, they take their time to actually browse the online menu and become acquainted with the add-on specials and promotions that the restaurant provides. This can result in a rise in the overall sale value for an order, and increase the revenue of the restaurant business.

Mrs.Kumar’s, that uses a website powered by Restaurantify is the perfect example. Its streamlined online ordering system not only makes their operations easy but also generates greater revenue.

2. Managing the Orders of the Customers in a Prompt Way:

By offering top Customer Interaction Management, an online order management system for restaurants may assist to enhance the customer relationship. It gives a comprehensive selling platform that includes updates on current orders, sales history, and much more. It also automates the entire order process from placing orders to delivery in an easy way.

As customers order online, an effective online ordering system provides information to the restaurant employees through email or Instant messaging, allowing them to complete the order more quickly. Such technology, on the other hand, is integrated with GPS programs that enable you to collect the correct address, ensuring prompt and speedy delivery.

3. A Marketing Technique That Comes Affordably:

Having a great digital presence literally implies that you are visible to your consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while actually not paying for costly media marketing or banners. Because the internet is an open ecosystem, what you need to do is to appeal to the people with an exemplary website that is easy to navigate for the customers and carry out regular activities on social networks. All of this is available for a tenth of the cost of conventional advertisements and marketing methods. You may also spend a little time on Google My Business to build a solid company profile so that individuals searching to order meals in your region or within your delivery distance can discover you with a fast search.

4. Improved Customer Information:

As a restaurateur, you have a great number of questions lurking on your mind like who really are your most loyal consumers? What are their favorite dishes at your eatery? What are the most popular foods? Are they conscious of the restaurant’s promos and offers? Are they more likely to order through a website or an app? The statistics and information supplied by a strong online ordering system for restaurants can address this and other relevant factors. This information is significant because it can be used to deliver customized incentives to your consumers and urge them to return.

The in-built and in-house systems enable you to dig deeper into ordering trends and consumer desires so you can adapt your selection, promotions, discount rates, and so on to deliver everybody a fantastic experience.

5. Making the Order Process Through Mobile Phone Much Easy:

There are instances when customers can’t make a food order through the phone because it is almost impossible due to important meetings, events or congested settings. During such instances, consumers may prefer ordering online by utilizing their smartphones, ipad, or other portable devices at any moment and from anyplace. With this resource, there is no need for the consumer to call and violate their personal agenda or stop a conference in order to place a lunch order. A smartphone app allows a consumer to make an order without having to speak to someone on the telephone. You would never lose a consumer if you have a gadget-compatible website or app.

6. Maintaining a Competitive Advantage:

Just around 3% of restaurants in the world allow customers to purchase food online.

So, this is the right moment to seize the opportunity and make your restaurant visible to your consumers at their disposal. Private restaurants are spending on this new ordering and delivery innovation to remain competitive in the industry and also due to growing customer demands for speedier, simplest techniques to order online. In 2019, the number of restaurant orders placed online outnumbered those placed over the phone.

7. Have a Higher Reach:

Your restaurant may only seat around 100 to 150 people in total, or in many cases a little less. But now, with online purchases, you may touch millions of people at once and respond to a much bigger group without continuing to spend on more employees or equipment. All you need to have is an efficient online ordering system to get started.


A powerful online ordering system coupled with a creative website design is the greatest benefit that a restaurant can have. Restaurateurs have understood that spending a little portion of income on technology solutions like these would not only give them an edge, but also help them prepare for potential needs.

Customers have become highly accustomed to the ease and security that this system affords, and will choose to engage with restaurant businesses that offer excellent online ordering and door delivery options.